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Pricking out, Potting on


By siris


This Bulbine is growing in my strawberry planter in the conservatory and has just started to flower. The one under the carport is doing equally as well, but has not got any flower spikes as yet.

The Auricula flowers in the pot behind are artificial.
Here lies a tale – I sowed seeds of Primula Auricula, and labelled the pot as such and spent a long time pricking out 40 seedlings into individual modules, feeling smug that I had germinated so many seeds. Today I went to prick out the remaining, thinking one doesn’t usually get that many seeds in a Pkt, took out the label, the end submerged in the soil and it read Primula florindae which are water loving Primulas from my garden. DAH!!!!.

I lost all (5) of the Delospermums I bought to go in the holes around the planter despite keeping them indoors and relatively dry, although the purple D. cooperi grown under the same conditions is fine. I will put the pot in the Scree garden shortly. D. Moonstone which was in the Scree garden died this winter. I have just got Garnet left in the Scree, which has just produced some flowers. Unfortunately they only open when it’s sunny and today it raining, so closed, but much needed rain.

Dwarf Bearded Iris Cat’s Eye had just opened, only 15" then I managed to knock the flower head off, stepping over it.

Luckily not before I took its picture.

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I have sympathy with the iris accident. I knocked 2 heads off my lovely potted purple tulips with the water hose a couple of days ago. At least it has rained all day here, the first proper wetting for weeks.
I like the bulbine. Is it easy to grow? Sorry to hear about the delosperma. Some plants just won't stay with us. Unrequited love!

28 Apr, 2021


I'm alway knocking off flowerheads, partly because the garden is so packed with plants and I don't have paths, take up invaluable space, just stepping stones.
Like many S.African plants, this Bulbine fructescens is tender. I saw it originally in Kirstenbosch botanical garden S.A. UK winter wet kills them. I keep them inside or covered overwinter and don't water the succulents.

28 Apr, 2021


Sounds like a story of many gardeners. It can be frustrating in times a joyful in others. That iris is beautiful

29 Apr, 2021


Have you been standing looking over my shoulder? That is exactly what happens to me too.

The trials and tribulations of gardening.

29 Apr, 2021


I’m sorry this happened,’s an absolutely gorgeous iris too! These things do happen, unfortunately.
It looks like we will be having rain for days to come here in East Yorkshire...most welcome but wish it wasn’t EVERY’s hoping the forecast isn’t 100% accurate.

29 Apr, 2021


What a beautiful iris Siris. Funny that its so often the precious flowers that get their heads knocked off!
We could well need several days of continuous rain here - ground is really very hard. Sod's law that its forecast for the bank holiday though.

29 Apr, 2021


Better day today, Thursday, sunny but really chilly, went to a stables and filled my little car with really well rotted horse manure (in bags of course on the car boot sheet) with OH's help.
Forcaste for heavy showers 12.00 tomorrow and into next week.

29 Apr, 2021


So annoying when we have these accidents. Seems we all have them. Lovely Iris though, glad that you took a photo of it. The rain we had on Wednesday was very welcome, though could still do with some more.

29 Apr, 2021

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