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In and Around the Ponds.


By siris


In a small strip of border at the front of the bottom Pond, Fritillarias, and the emerging foliage of Astilbes. Unfortunately I have to net the pond with the fish in it as Crows have predated the fish in the past. I’m down to 4 fish now.

On the pond shelf opposite sits a pond basket containing a Double Marsh Marigold, (Caltha palustris flore pleno). That has been netted too as Blackbirds dig out the damp soil for their nests, before starting on any unprotected pots of seedlings.

In the top pond my collection of Sarracenias. They live in pots stood in a couple of cm of water on a polystyrene raft, more Fritillarias behind.

Around the raft there are some Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyos) just starting to flower and there is also a Waterlily not in flower yet.

The back of the ponds is accessed by my mini bridge,
which spans the tiny middle pond, from the Alpine Scree area at the front.

The Alpine Scree area, pic taken 2019. It has evolved since then, the Pitchers have vacated the small pond to accommodate my growing collection of moisture loving Primulas.

As we are forcaste very cold Monday and Tuesday nights with some rain, I must put the lid over the area.

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This is lovely Siris, I have a herring gull that likes to fish. Grrr. Your ponds look lovely. My pond is also coming back to life.

3 Apr, 2021


I am envious of anyone with a proper pond, and as usual, Siris, your plants in and around are very interesting. I've learnt a lot! I have to say your sarracenias remind me of my schooldays, (a L-O-N-G time ago), when we read 'The Day of the Triffids'. I think the cover illustration must have been based on these.. Fascinating plants. We had a heron on the roof opposite our house last week. Not much chance of finding any food round here. My teeny-tiny pond has no wildlife in it, sadly.
Happy Easter to you, too.

3 Apr, 2021


The pot in the last pic at the front did contain some Sundews, but a Blackbird rooted lots of the soil out so I don't know if there are any left, time will tell, they're only tiny wee plants.

3 Apr, 2021


Looking very attractive in and around the pond, Siris. The marsh marigold is looking cheerful and bright. You’ve lots of interest going on around the pond too.

3 Apr, 2021


Thanks Kate, interest, that's what passerby people say of my front garden. I think that's a euphemism for packed silly!

3 Apr, 2021


No! Definitely not. I think passers-by are likely to be envious and appreciate your efforts.

4 Apr, 2021


You are too kind, Kate.

4 Apr, 2021


I love it , I love the bridge!!

5 Apr, 2021


Thank you Paul, my OH built the bridge for me. I've had netting put on the base as I once slipped with mud from my gardening boots and ended up breaking one of the side rails falling onto it.

5 Apr, 2021


Don’t you just love wildlife......blackbirds have been a pain this year...taking out the compost in all our containers... have put all our Cornus prunings on them....seems to have been successful.....your pond has really matured.....and those sarracenias...what a picture..

11 Apr, 2021

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