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Lots of work being done by me. I have gotten out the pole pruner and went to work reducing the Casimoira edulis by 25% or more. Again,I dont need a big tree with too many fruits for me and the family to eat. I also dont need the excess shade. I have other plants around it. Funny,but even if I pruned something that wasn’t blocking direct sun? I noticed it was brighter anyways. A good idea to look at your yard trees and maybe get rid of the matured look.

I also pruned the big palms. One of my two Bangalow/King palms had seven fronds on it. I cut off three worn fronds. That is why these slender palms are better in groups. Those three and one off the slightly shorter second palm did not make it look too see through. It still looks like a grown palm. I’ve seen people cut off every frond but the newest in summer..and those poor palms looked so bare.

With tree’s that’s ok..with palms?,no!.

I also have been potting up the plants to larger pots. One of my Ti plants had developed a slimy peaty top of the soil. So,I took it out and washed off that old soil,plus the worn soil all around it. The plant has a very healthy root system- I caught it time…After a larger pot and new soils,she’s ready to keep going until December 1st at 5:00pm. Then,she can go dormant!

Still more pruning,removing,weeding. Fertilizing. June is a great,great,month.

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Stan: I have never heard of Casimoira edulis so I've looked it up. White Sapote is a fruit unfamiliar to lots of people (me!). Supposedly tastes like custard dessert with a hint of banana or peach. Wow! I'm always on the lookout for new fruits as Other half is Diabetic 2 and we eat lots of fruit. The usual ones can get boring.
Images here at:

I would need an "instant" tree in our garden : can't hang around waiting years for the fruit.

Wonder if it's grown in the UK?

As for pruning: I keep commenting how lush everything seems to be this so-called Summer; not just in our garden but in the hedgerows. This odd weather seems to agree with them.

26 Jun, 2016



You've been very busy! :>)

I have too. Cut down my large, beautiful Ficus craterastoma which had so many aerial roots and two secondary trunks formed by aerial roots. I hated to do it;however, it was too difficult to keep under control. I've cut so many plants/trees back over the last month in a half it's not funny. I do need to do the fertilizing like you to most plants/trees, also.

Speaking of palms: My Alexander palms (Archontophoenix alexandrae) are growing like crazy! The largest one I have to cut two fronds off. I just removed two fronds off my large Rhopalostylis baueri in the front yard. I'll have decide if I want to take some fronds off the the three largest Howeas in the front yard. They're getting so big. (the largest one has about 7' of clean trunk, not bad for a small planted 5 gallon tree in 2005). There's several smaller ones in pots which have grown into the ground. I need to get them out! LOL!

Well, happy gardening!

26 Jun, 2016


Eirly,Its one of those- you have to grow it to eat the fruit. Thats why you never see them for sale. They are highly perishable,so soft when ripe and thin skinned,its really impossible to market them.
The wife has the problems with sweets and diabetes,but a few Sapote fruit are no harm. They are said to make you sleepy. I never noticed that. A Banana at night? I noticed will help you sleep.

Andy..I always read- "Don't prune those Archontophoenix fronds...they fall off"..well maybe in the tropics but here very worn winter fronds will hang on. I took them off..looks tropical again. Only green and fresh fronds now.
Yep,June is a great month!

26 Jun, 2016


So I Teresa's g, Stan, read g your blogs cause everything is just so different to most of the other gardens we see/read about on here. And,such big plants it seems.I, like Eirlys, don't know the Casimoira either.

27 Jun, 2016



Yes, here they fall off naturally. Although, some people think they need to over prune them. I have one frond turning right now. I may cut it off. It's growing so, so quickly. Alexander palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae) grows so much faster than King palms (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana). I don't have any King palms. I only have Alexander and Mt. Lewis King palm (Archontophoenix purpurea), which is slow as molasses! It's because it wants to be sitting in water...and of course, with our extreme drought this isn't possible.

My neighbor has two Sapote trees. They have most of the flowers cut off (by the gardener) because as you know they produce thousands of fruit! My neighbor's trees are only 15'. They purposely keep them small because you know what a giant tree it can become.

27 Jun, 2016


Eirly and Paul,even though its not known much around the world,The White Sapote can become a huge fruit tree. I have heard of some having the trunk girth of old Oak tree's.
Mine is considered a dwarf. Its also a graft. But still,for my needs its large enough,and its over 35 year age if I never pruned it? It would take half of the yard into deep shade-lol.
I'm glad you all like my little blog here. I 'm seeing the big jump in growth around town..things are flowering.
Funny- but I must pass so plants up most of the year in my car not knowing them as anything but green bloom? I spot them.

27 Jun, 2016

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