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State of the Garden Address.


By stan510


As we knock on April’s door its time to look at how things are.
Messy. To be honest winter was hard on plants of mine that are not supposed to be hardy here anyways. But,in good years they look fine. This was not a good winter.
Ti plants look terrible. 80% defoliated. It makes it harder that they are in pots…but I’m just a gardener in a urban area. Not everything can go in the best spots in ground. Last year and before and before that were fine..they thrived.
Much of that side yard I post..has taken a beating. Defoliated,frost kill from the last few days in December did a number. Papaya are on an edge so fine,I don’t know if they make it.
Orchids? Ok,I have seen them in mild years and this year. I have a much better idea of those that will NEED to be brought in every year. Some,are hardier then I thought,give them credit the Cattleya hybrids.
All my large plants,the tree’s are fine. Large Palms too. Its just a messy container look- weeds also got off to a fast start. I’m making headway!
The weather is in a fine mood time to repot and get the mess out out of the yard- wink.

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Cheer up Stan, when the sun shines you will feel better.
I hope your plants thrive again, although they may need more time to recover.

1 Apr, 2017


I like this blog because it reminds us that these are all living things and though we tweak and insist that they grow where we want, in the end it's the weather and nature itself that tells us it's in charge.
The weeds of course will always survive, regardless of the weather. Many of the plants that you think may be dead, may well come back again, it's amazing how resilient things can be. Of course a forgotten about tender plant won't survive a massive frost, but these errors always give us an opportunity to buy something else!! So chin up Stan, plod on, with the sun all will look better.

1 Apr, 2017


When I loose plants I run with the idea that it provides a new planting opportunity.
so think about the fun you will have on looking for replacements.

1 Apr, 2017


Oh the joys of being a gardener. Whether it's several acres or a few pots, we're all at the mercy of mother nature. With successes comes a sense of achievement.But with failures a chance to try again, perhaps with something new. As gardeners we never stop learning and each year brings with it new challengers. The sun will soon be shining longer, brighter, and warmer and you'll soon be out there meeting those challengers all over again. :)

1 Apr, 2017


Thanks all. I just made a run to the garden center on a Saturday. I needed potting soils,Orchid bark and a new pot for an old Cycad,Dioon edule. The pot it is in finally gave in to years of intense UV light (this Cycad is always placed in hottest summer sun) and had split in half among other rips and tears.
But,I did break down and buy a plant at the garden center. A cherry Tomato seedling. One seedling was $4! It better live up to its name of Sweet 1,000.

1 Apr, 2017


Wow, that sounds expensive, Stan. The plants I bought from one of my local GC's were only 75p each.

2 Apr, 2017


Me too. 8 plants of Golden Sunrise £4. They are yellow and sweet. Coming on nicely on my living room window sill.

2 Apr, 2017


We have had a mild wet winter. I noticed today en route to the Library, that the flowering shrubs in the Manor House Public Garden area are all looking bright and happy.

Some different unusual Narcissi bulbs had been planted in a circle about 12" across last Autumn. They looked much better like that, showing off their flowering individuality in a large garden area among the shrubs. Will remember.

2 Apr, 2017

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