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April Fools Day and Easter all in one.


By stan510


The American “holiday” that has no meaning other then play tricks on people. Always April 1st.
Well,not sure how tricky my day was as I got in my one Tomato plant with a bonus of a Zucchini. All in a long wooden box about 4’ long and 8×8″ or so. Too much translating into metrics!
I planted because my soils have really killed off so many tomato plants from viruses. Last year I tried the pot and it gave many cups of cherry tomatoes that were very sweet. ALL from one single plant. This time,I removed all the old soils and used the cheapest potting soils the store had. When I opened it- it wreaked of manure. Now,for houseplants and the like,this seems too strong for me- hence the low prices- but for vegetables? It should be perfect. Along with the perlite and moss,its a good deal.

So,I’m also going through the potted plants I post photos of under the big window and under the big Euphorbia ammak “Cactus”,and seeing where I can use them to fill in ground where I can see them and easy to water. As you all know,in ground plants use much less water,grow larger then in pots. The grow larger part isn’t as important with some as less water!
Still much to do. That’s alright, it breaks up the monotony of life.

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Saw one or two April fool "trick/news" on Facebook. One stated that a baby Welsh dragon had been cloned from DNA found in amber! (shades of Jurassic Park)! Someone actually believed this!!

Thought about tomato plants this year but we are trying to cut down on garden-work and just getting help with maintenance, so have reluctantly decided against them.

2 Apr, 2018


Well,I planted one. Hardly any room anymore.
I've tried the "cool tolerant" tomatoes..they didnt taste much better then the market ones in our climate. So far only the cherry really sweeten up Eierlys for me. Although using them in a sandwich involves...5-6 whole cherry tomatoes on bread,then I dice up on the bread so to catch all the juice. Nothing to take a photo of,but makes a great add on to a hot dog or bologna sandwich.

2 Apr, 2018


I saw a couple of April Fool posts. One was a red-flowered celandine, the other was a Siamese twin bird.

2 Apr, 2018


Good luck with your tomatoes ! I always grow them in pots but may try grow bags this year.

3 Apr, 2018


If it makes any difference- my great harvest last year was as I said a long low pot. Maybe biggest squat pot warms better?
I once tried to grow a Tomato planted into a x slit made in a bag of potting soil. I saw that a few times done on TV. Well,all that happened was it never grew,turned yellowish. Just a waste of a summer.

4 Apr, 2018

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