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Planting a big potted Pachypodium.


By stan510


I decided not to put it in an even larger pot. Just plant in ground where it can grow as large as it wants and the bonus is it will do it on much less water then when in a pot.
I tell you,the ground has already gotten dry here under that Magnolia tree. I needed a pick to dig a hole. Sunny,65f day.
It was slow going-lol. I decided rather then dig a huge hole,I would dig a hole half the depth of the rootball and then add soil to fill in and rocks around that to hold the now “hilltop” Pachypodium.
Actually,think any large potted plant on a warm sunny day and you get the idea of the sweat and “time to rest” between stages.
I do have another..that one has thinner leaves. This one has larger Plumeria like foliage.
One more. I had to move some small was a yellow bunny ears cactus that I somehow,even with gloves,managed to get plenty of spines stuck in me..arms,even the tummy somehow. I’m still itchy hours later and a shower.

Hole in ground.

Fish out of water..


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Stan those horrid itchy hairs on the cactus can easily be removed with sticky tape as long as you don' t break them off first. (Assuming its an Opuntia) Too late now but useful when it happens again... (They have nasty little backwards pointing barbs just to make life difficult...)

2 May, 2018


Cactus are clever Ster. Those Bunny ears types must have thousands of spines per pad. Its why I don't have many cactus..eventually they get you.
Not too mention they can rot so

2 May, 2018


Cant say I blame you doing a smaller hole digging in hot weather. It looks great now its in that area of plants looks wonderful .
You ll have to get a thick padded suit next time you move that catus Stan.

2 May, 2018


Sure thing Stan. I think they lie in wait for you...I haven't had one for many years. My first cactus was an Opuntia microdasys way back in the 1950s. What a scary thought...
I think it did rot in the end.

2 May, 2018


I recall some of our smaller cacti being more "lethal" than the large spiny ones. They looked harmless but the fine "hairs" seemed to latch on to one and they were really irritating.

3 May, 2018


Looks good. Very impressive in that hot weather. My ex used to have cacti which no matter how careful I was, still got me anytime I went slightly near then. Must admit it put me off them ?. Like to look at other people's at a safe distance but don't dare go anywhere near them as I'm sure they are after me? .

3 May, 2018


Yesterday..just too sore to be any good in the garden. Winter hibernation- summer pruning and digging isnt an "on " button with me anymore. I did get 2 plants badly overgrown in small pots into the ground. Crassula sp. One is called "Campfire" and the other no common name. C. platyphylla is the label. Like a groundcover Jade plant that has red leaves in summer.
Still running cool for the time of the season even if it is warm in the longer days of sunlight.

3 May, 2018

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