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a few more pics


a few more pics for the start of July..

Achillea Summer Berry this is a lovely red that you can see from a long way away..

Alstroemeria Ligtu Hybrids, lovely when the sun shines on them.

Pink Astilbe starting to look nice now..

anomatheca laxa a little group i have growing through some of my grasses

Closer of the flower..

The first of my Dahlia’s are flowering, yellow with the dark foliage..

bulbine caulescens nice in a group..

closeup of one of my Delphiniums..

Nice little shrub slowly getting bigger, Deutzia Strawberry fields..

Harebell, growing nicely into a large clump..

Iris ensata august emperor in my bog garden flowering now..

Echinops Ritro Veitch’s Blue, showing nice buds..

my group of violet and white Lychnis..

Closeup of violet Lychnis.

sisyrinchium sapphire i do love this little flower..

A lovely plant this, very short flower life, they open about 9am and are finished by 4pm, but a lovely sky blue..

a bit closer of Orthrosanthus laxus..

Bellavalia Romana a great little bulb..

verbena bonariensis this has done well this year, plus the bees love it..

Millie with Jade in the paddling pool..

Jade has spent nearly all weekend in this pool..

that’s all thanks for looking..

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Nice one Jade...very good place to be this weekend! I bought that yellow Dahlia this morning Slad! Nice!

7 Jul, 2013


thanks Karen, yes it's a lovely contrast with the dark foliage :-) Jade says thanks too.

7 Jul, 2013



7 Jul, 2013


Lol, Slad, I am glad that hot and sunny days finally reached also the Isles. That swimming pool is a good idea! I have similar for Noris, but he is not very much impressed with it, he likes more my shower corner in the bathroom. He loves shampoo.
---that detail of Delphinium is GREAT!

7 Jul, 2013


Great photos, and some very unusual plants. It's nice to have something unusual.
You kept the best two photos for last :o)

7 Jul, 2013


Gorgeous plants daughter & dog :o)

7 Jul, 2013


I think we could all do with that pool,S.lad..move over Jade :o)love all your plants,especially the Achillea..I bought one which turned out to be what I call a 'mucky' dull pink,and hated it,but I have the tall yellow ones,which I love.I will look out for that one..My Astilbe is only just showing buds,and Lychnis just coming into flower this weekend..a bit behind here in Yorkshire,but on catch up with all this hot weather now..:o)..

8 Jul, 2013


lovely plants, I am the same as bloomer, some of the same flowers you have are just about to come into bloom in my garden, hope they look as good as yours when they do flower

8 Jul, 2013


Lovely blooms SL - Jade has the right idea!!
Isn't it turning into a gorgeous summer.

8 Jul, 2013


Thanks Kat, Millie jumped in just after I took this pick much to jades delight :-) glad Noris loves your shower

Thanks Hywel and Kidsgran :-)

Thanks Bloomer Jade says your welcome to join her and Millie :-))

Thanks Taz I hope yours are lovely when they bloom.

Thanks Scottish yes it's been great here, lets hope it keeps on going for all of us, reached 31.7degrees here today phew a scorcher :-))

8 Jul, 2013


Thanks Hb, no I've not got a yellow one I've been on the lookout though :-) no didn't get the chance this week but the coming weekend I hope to be in it..

8 Jul, 2013


There's some beautiful hot colours....particularly the reds!
I don't blame Jade....we were away for the weekend by the seaside but, although I took my swimming trunks, I didn't brave the sea.I might have been braver if it was a paddling pool!!

9 Jul, 2013


Thanks Paul, hope you had a great time at the seaside.

9 Jul, 2013


Smashing, thanks! Back to work today!

9 Jul, 2013


You have some lovely plants flowering in your garden right now, S'lad ... love that bright Lychnis ... :o)

9 Jul, 2013


Nothing nicer than seeing kids and animals having fun, and Jade and Millie were obviously doing that. The plants are all looking great too. That astilbe is very pretty and I like the anomatheca too but the blue sysyrinchiam is so beautiful.

9 Jul, 2013


Thanks Shirley :-)

Thanks Tuesdaybear, yes I love the sis.sapphire in the sun it really shines. :-)

10 Jul, 2013

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