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The Beauty of Singapore and the Plantlife


This was our first holiday abroad, first stop Singapore. I was struck by the beauty of all the greenery and cleanliness of the streets and parks.
Wherever we walked there were endless trees, shrubs and well manicured garden and borders among the high rise buildings :-) I will let the photo’s do the talking

We walked through the Botanical Gardens ~ so stunning and beautifully kept

I heard something rustling in the border -—- out popped this chap wow! I thought it was a blackbird

There were so many different areas to explore ~ a day was not long enough

We came across this lovely Lilly pond and pond garden just round the corner from the waterfalls

Then there were the Bonsai Trees :-))) I didn’t have my suitcase with me at the time

I would definitely go back to Singapore just for the trees and shrubs alone ~ next stop Australia

Hotel with boat on top

Photo’s from the boat on top of hotel

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Wow what a fascinating blog and what an amazing place ~ thanks Tubby; love the freshness of the greenery and how the plants look so perfect.

24 Oct, 2013


Thank you Sticki, I took quite few photo's, roughly 4000 LOL :-))))
I wanted to trim the Bonsai, there were so many and a good age as well
There was a funny moment with the lizard, a chinese gentleman walked by, when he saw it he turned around and ran out of the park ~ I must admit it was big, doesn't look it in the picture but it was.

24 Oct, 2013


I would love to have seen that lizard and the man running out ~ very funny ~ perhaps he knew something you didn't ~ maybe its very poinsonous?

4,000? all great memories! Brilliant!

24 Oct, 2013


Lovely blog and happy memories I was there on astop over in yr 2000 before flying on to Austrailia.

Then I was in Singapore in March this year but stayed for 10days.

Did you to the gardens by the bay Tubby.

I just love the Botanical Gardens.

Thank you for sharing.

24 Oct, 2013


Thank you so much! When we were in Singapore last year we were too hot and exhausted to walk round . . . would have loved to if they'd had buggies! So it's great to see the gardens, especially the bonsai.

24 Oct, 2013


It was funny Sticki, he was running and mumbling and shouting, I think the tail can be a bit dangerous. 4000 photo's was a bit silly but i have some good ones because of it, I set the camera to take 3 shots at a time with different settings

Thank you Scokat & Sheilabub ~ we did see the gardens you have mentioned, I saw them from the top of a hotel with a boat on top, have a photo of them and the boat:-)). Wish we had stayed for 10 days, we stayed for 4 days before going to OZ

The weather was great, it was a constant 28dg and about 60% humidity, we walked everyday without getting tired although we did walk the length of Orchard Rd, thats about 4 miles long, should have got a taxi for 10$ :-((

24 Oct, 2013


So will Oz be the next blog?! (I think I did a brief one earlier this year, if you're interested . . . )

25 Oct, 2013


Great photos Tubby. I passed through the airport earlier this year on the way to Oz and would love to have a holiday there. Sheila I never got round to doing a blog :o))

25 Oct, 2013


Hi Tubby ...
Super set of pics.. :o)

25 Oct, 2013


Lovely and everywhere so clean and bright. Puts some of our cities to shame.

25 Oct, 2013


What a wonderful place ! I loved all your photos ...
How strange was that boat. I don't think I could have gone up there lol.
Enjoy Australia when you get there. I hope you are not going where the fires are.

25 Oct, 2013


Thank you all for your comments, very kind

Yes Sheilabub, OZ will be my next blog (Hello Hywel, I went on to Australia from Singapore, have been back a month was away for the best part of September) hopefully I will not take so long to get it out there, its a question of trawling through all the photo's :-))

Re the photo's Annella, Terratoonie and Hywel ~ thank you for your comments, I love taking photo's and have threatened to buy an SLR but cannot make my mind up, they keep updating them plus they are a bit bulky to carry around

Yes Steragram, I'm not a clean freak but do appreciate cleanliness, the indoor shopping centers were lovely and clean as were the streets

Hywel, the boat was amazing, there are restaurants and a swimming pool plus nightclubs, I think! There is an amazing shopping centre on the ground level with a moat and boats ~ you could eat your dinner off the floor ~ very very friendly place. I did go on to Australia, went to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns and Port Douglas. The trees were great(you may have guessed I like trees) and the shrubs, especially in Cairns. On the night flight back to Sydney from Cairns we saw some fires glowing in the dark ~ scary!

25 Oct, 2013


I'm glad you're home safely. I thought you were on the way out there ... trust me to get it the wrong way round lol !

25 Oct, 2013


Really enjoyed this blog, your photographs are amazing, everywhere looks so fresh, a fabulous place, have to say I would have beaten the gentleman out of the gardens if anything like that had walked across my path, ......I nearly fell in the water up at Rutland Water a few years back because an Iguana moved up a branch in the tropical house, as you can imagine they were only small ones, lol...

26 Oct, 2013


Thank you Lincslass, it was lovely. I don't think you would have beaten that gentleman ~ his little legs were shmoking, it was funny though:-)))

I trust you had your life jacket...

Its spiders with me!

26 Oct, 2013


What a great blog....loved it.

26 Oct, 2013


What an amazing experience for you and thank you so much for all these fascinating photos.

It looks absolutely immaculate over there and so green and lush. Didn't like the look of your surprise friend in the park though!!!

27 Oct, 2013


I loved the photos, am just reading a mystery set in Singapore, and but set in the country. What photos, the long waterfall is one of my favorites, along with the last couple at night. You must be a professional photographer? I am just getting to some of the blogs, which are better than single pics. One really gets a "feel" for the place. It is very apparent that the hard surfaces in the public places are designed to STAY. We would not do this in a personal garden. Well, always subject to contradiction, maybe?

22 Jan, 2014

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