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Ginger and Daylilies


Hiding under my aerial pumpkins are some bromeliads, Aecmea fasciata. They really like it under there.

It is the time when Hedychiums are flowering. An invasive species is common in the Azores is Hedychium gardnerianum. It grows everywhere.

I managed to get a white one that is very fragrant, Hedychium coronarium.

I also have a named variety, Hedychium ‘Elizabeth’ which is a very light pink.

Of course, I couldn’t let things end there and made a couple of crosses. The results were one that is a bright orange and the other is a lighter orange. The cross is Hedychium rubrum x Hedychium gardneranum.

Some of my crosses in daylilies are, Purple Maze x Water Drops

White Eyes Pink Dragon × Arnette Zapel

A massive clump with 8 flowers open at once is Marseilles Watercolor x Full of Treasure

I had hoped for more of an edge since the pollen parent was ‘Full of Treasure’

One with a green throat that I like is Yabba Dabba Doo x Willow

A favorite of mine and one that I have used several times is Angel Fairy Tern x Judge Nancy (also shown from the side)

One of the richest color combinations is Dreamy Blue Eyes x Xylophone Jazz

Named varieties include my small DIP ‘Pico Piquinho’ with 13 flowers open at once.

The dark ‘Voodoo Dancer’

The toothy ‘Sad Sack’

‘Don Herrell’

‘Blue Eyed Blonde’

In the skies around here is a buzzard, Buteo buteo. There can be 5 guys chasing a female during mating season.

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Love the Daylilies.

11 Aug, 2023


Thanks! They are really doing well this year.

12 Aug, 2023



13 Aug, 2023


Did anyone notice the hoverfly in the photo of 'Don Herrell'? It is on the left side. The trick to hybridizing is a willingness to toss the inferior plants. Most people want to keep everything, but there just isn't enough room to do that.

13 Aug, 2023


Such beautiful flowers, don’t know which to choose as fave. Love, Blue eyed Blonde, Don Herrell & Voodoo Dancer. We have Buzzards around here too but I’ve never seen 5 at once, usually pairs & often mobbed by other birds.

15 Aug, 2023


I have learned to have a favorite of the day The buzzards don't have a large territory, so there is more competition for the females. I wish they would develop a taste for pidgeon.

16 Aug, 2023

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