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By Arlene


Hi There
~ I haven’t lost that many plants thank goodness~ had some surprising reincarnations but thought that my Lapageria which despite being wrapped in layers of fleece looked terminal ~ leaves dry grey/green, brittle and no sign of life.Checked out online and found Burncoose are selling them.
So I decided today to remove it and reuse my lovely dark teal coloured pot.
It was a mass of tangled vines and supports so I decided to cut all the stems at the base and just lift the whole lot off.
I started to cut through and realised after a while that the stems remaining about 8-9 inches high were showing bright green inside the cut off stem.
No choice now but to finish the job so I have a lot of stiff stems and no idea whether I have killed it or not

I have watered well and covered with a plastic bell cloche but haven’t a clue if this will be too much of a shock and it will die~
anyone got any advice?

Moral ~ fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

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Fingers crosssed that it will come through. If a harsh winter with as much snow as we have had didn't kill it, I doubt you have managed. it will grow again. Have faith x

1 May, 2010


I hope your plant survives Arlene :o) x

1 May, 2010


thanks TT and Great~
I hope so too~ I feel like a real villain!

1 May, 2010


hopefully the prune will have done it good Arlene.You did right to get rid of the dead wood.......

1 May, 2010


I hope it will resprout for you like clematis do. Its the chilean bellflower isnt it?

1 May, 2010


If there is still some green in the stems it is undoubtedly still alive! :-) If you leave it alone for a bit you may well see new growth - especially when the weather warms up more during May.

Fingers crossed it recovers soon. :-)

I had 5 Fuchsias Thalia. 1 in each of 5 baskets, I thought all 5 had died when I pruned them back a month or so ago. But I think 2 may have pulled through after all. I haven't checked on the baskets in the last week so maybe they have sprouted & will flower again this year. Fingers crossed! :-)

1 May, 2010


I spend time every day checking bits of twig and empty pots for signs of life. Like you Arlene, I am sure as soon as I decide to dig them up, they will burst into life.
Good luck

1 May, 2010


~ I know just what you mean!I am sure I have thrown fuchsias which were probably not dead but just dormant ,but you can't keep trays of plants which aren't doing anything in the hope they will suddenly burst into life~

1 May, 2010


I hope your plant recovers, Arlene.
I have lost a Chilean potato plant, a cistus, pittosporum,4 hebes, a dahpne (but that was on the way out anyway) an acer, 4 escallonias, and some fuchsias, but quite a few are recovering.

I wish I could get rid of the dreaded bamboo....................

1 May, 2010


Thanks Rachelsmum~
as usual some of my labels have come out of their pots and a plant started growing four stems ~ I thought was alliums untio it started to arch beautifully..... sometimes the surprises are more interesting!

1 May, 2010


`The wonders of nature Arlene..... i am sure it will be okay! That is what
gardening is all about some failures, but overcome by lovely suprises..
I too, am keeping my fingers crossed, that it will recover for you...

1 May, 2010


I am sure it will be happy now that all it has to do is make new buds instead of trying to heal old wounds...good for you...

4 May, 2010


Just looked it up Arlene. Very pretty and pricey. No wonder you were cossetting your Lapageria!!!! I thought I was unlucky with my Bonariensis and nearly threw them out ,but they making shoots now from base and stem. They were freebies from between the paving cracks

4 May, 2010


I moved my hanging baskets with Fuchsias from the interior of the balcony to the exterior. I was right in that 2 Thalia plants have survived. :-) I hadn't checked them in several weeks so I'm very happy that 2 at least have pulled through! :-)

4 May, 2010

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