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***Rhino for Siris......***


Taken in 2013 at La Palmyre Zoo…….
Mum and another Rhino decided to have a bit of a stand off, she was defending her baby……fascinating to see them so close, you could almost touch them!! and still with their horns.

A few facts, I believe this is the 2nd largest animal enclosure in France….


4,2 km
Length of visitor route

700 000
Annual number of visitors

16 000
Record number of visitor in a day (August)

Number of employees year-round

Number of employees in high season




primate species

250- 300

I can still smell that animal enclosure……although it was very clean, and one of the best we had ever visited, set in the pine forest

Georges de Caunes lives alone for 2 weeks on one of the zooโ€™s islands to observe humans from the point of view of animals.

Siris I hope you didn’t mind me adding these pics, not quite like your fabulous holiday, but I can see how you must have felt, seeing these magnificent animals in the wild.we were in awe!!

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Fabulous animals - thank you for sharing!

5 Dec, 2017


Me too !

I just said to my son this morning, stocking up with Gerbil wood shavings packs, its an effort, but to look after even one animal and give it a happy life is a worth while thing
for a human to do.

5 Dec, 2017


Your welcome Bathgate and Diane.....

5 Dec, 2017


When my children were small we took them to Colchester zoo, (this is where the ostrich grabbed & ate Luke's bobble hat).
The animals looked so sad in their cages that it put me off zoos completely. The French zoo you've shown here looks to be a completely different experience, thank you for posting it.
I've nominated this for entry under wildlife.

5 Dec, 2017


Oh, thanks Dd, just see this blog, what a fabulously large horn. Not surprised you asked about the zoo in France that suffered a poaching attack.
About 20 + years ago we visited Whipsnade zoo, and a male Rhine had a raw red bloody patch on his forehead, where he had knocked his horn completely off. The horn was in the paddock. We called some staff who said he had been causing trouble attacking the other Rhinos in the paddock and they were considering removing the horn before he injured another Rhino, so it saved them the trouble. I don't know if the wound would have needed cauterising, the front horn had come off completely.

6 Dec, 2017


Wonderful photographs Dd, very interesting facts as well..

6 Dec, 2017


That was a great blog on Rhinos, DD, even if they do live in a zoo!

Thanks to the work of many zoos it's possible to conserve animals that are in danger of extinction in the wild while some have programmes of reinsertion of some species.

11 Dec, 2017


Thanks Lincs......Balcony there are Zoos!! and then there are Zoos!!

11 Dec, 2017

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