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At it again.....(;ŏ﹏ŏ) We must be crazy...ಠ﹏ಠ


We have spent the last few days removing over 40 plants out of one of our borders, in order to rearrange it, so we can accommodate our new roses, also we want to enlarge the lawn, it has lost its shape over the years, ..
It has been an ideal opportunity to split many of our perennials, which were starting to look the worse for wear!! especially the Hardy Geraniums, Crocosmia, daylilies, Brunnera, Geums, we also took out a Buddleja, and a Sambucus, which had failed to survive!!

So we are now ready to add some decent compost to the soil, and then in October/November move the roses over , and replant around them…

This is what the borders look like at the moment, by next Spring they should be back to normal, she says hopefully !!

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you are a glutton for punishment aren't you. the effort will be well worth it next year.
I need to do similar with one of our beds too.

11 Sep, 2019


Wow! You are lucky in a way, Angela, to be able to dig - I'm desperate to do the same (in a smaller way, lol) but currently my garden is like concrete . . . Looking terrific though, well done you and your OH :)

11 Sep, 2019


If only everything we planted would remain at just the right size and shape for ever!!!
It was a brave decision to remove so many plants in one go, but it will be well worth it , as you have created a lovely new home for your roses.

11 Sep, 2019


Sometimes we just have to take the bull by the horns and get stuck in before we change our minds, that was a lot of plants to sort out, the perennials will have a new lease of life and your roses will appreciate it, looking forward to seeing the new rose bed next year....

11 Sep, 2019


You must start ordering plants with little legs Angela Lol ,I'm sure by next year it will all look perfect again, good luck :o)

11 Sep, 2019


I agree with L.lass..once you decide to do something,just do it :o) You will be glad you did,and it still looks good,so next spring it will look great..I have made a start on splitting some of my Crocosmia ,and hardy Geraniums too,Angela..very satisfying ! xx

11 Sep, 2019


All that hard work will pay off next year when the perennials are growing again & later when they flower - better than before! The roses will no doubt appreciate all the hard work you have done to provide them with a new home.

Looking forward to seeing this bed in flower next year!

12 Sep, 2019


I need to do the same, also remove some shrubs and I have a couple of roses to plant too. Any chance of a hand? Your garden always looks lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing it next year:-)

13 Sep, 2019


There's just no stopping you two! I split a Liatris and a couple of Geums yesterday ... which is nowhere near as much as you have done!

13 Sep, 2019


Seaburn we like to have a project!! and it was in need of an overhaul! Sheila I do enjoy digging, the borders are very dry, luckily everything came out easily....
Wildrose it needed to be done as soon as possible, before the plants started dieing back, it was easier than I expected!!
Lincs the hardy geraniums should have been split years ago, at least that will rejuvenate them, not looking forward to putting them all back !
Amy plants with legs....the perfect answer!! would save us a lot of work!!
Sandra, all the plants are out now, and it's looking tidy, but bare!!
Balcony, not sure how we are going to squeeze the roses and the Perennials back into the smaller border!! going to take some doing!!
BA it was a job that needed doing, and I am glad to have got it over with..
Shirley you know us, we like a challenge!!
Update....the border has now been edged with terracotta tiles, ready for the roses, and the new turf......thanks everybody for your very encouraging comments, I will keep you posted.....(ʘᴗʘ✿)

14 Sep, 2019

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