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And it all came tumbling down!


This morning we decided to remove the two large Box balls, but keep the smaller topiary, to see how they go next season, my favourite cloud pruning has been put in a container, where I shall be able to keep an eye on it, as it will be easier to spot the dreaded moth!! we thought about replacing it all with a Lavender hedge, only to find that this too is having its problems!! in the form of Xylella!!

We removed the two Buxus, planted our Peony’s in the space ( for now) cleaned up, when I noticed something was missing from the top of the garden!!……….our dovecote had disappeared!! on closer inspection it seems the post had snapped off in the metal spike the wood had rotted, and the constant wind had obviously weakened the wood!
This Dovecote is extremely heavy and takes two strong men to slot it on to the post, and into the ground spike, this accident could have easily happened when our grandchildren or visitors were looking around the garden!!!! so we were lucky it happened when no-one was underneath it!! luckily it had landed on some ferns, and my lovely Leycesteria, which had only just recovered from a severe pruning!! and the Vitis Vinifera which was wrapped around the post has been pruned now!! poor thing!

We shall be putting it somewhere else, not near the path, that’s for sure!!

We bought the dovecote in 2009, the first two photos, the third photo was taken last year!!

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that was lucky that no one was nearby. We often forget the "permanent" structures may not be. glad you were able to get it sorted.

30 Sep, 2019


Goodness that was quick!! Wish there was a safer way to put it up!! It is tremendously heavy!

30 Sep, 2019


Goodness! What a stroke of luck! Shame though. :(

30 Sep, 2019


Dotty, I remember your lovely Dovecote from our visit in 2010 (I think!). Can you enlist the help of a sturdy grandson or two to help place it somewhere sheltered? There were many small tree branches on the local roads this morning. Heavy rain with strong winds forecast for overnight and most of tomorrow ... a fair few flood warnings along the coast too. :o(

30 Sep, 2019


Shirley I am sure it was in 2010, we will be getting one of our SILs to help us, although my OH did think he would be able to do it with my help........who does he think I am Pansy Potter!!!!!!! we will be putting it against the fence, for added protection!!
The weather has been far from ideal, too much rain now!!
Karen it was a stroke of luck, it could have been a disaster!!

1 Oct, 2019


What a shame, Dd. It is such a feature in your garden.

1 Oct, 2019


Dd2, sorry I put 'like' this blog, by mistake, though it does make an interesting read & I am very sorry about the accident with your lovely dovecote. The purple vine that was growing up it was lovely. I am sure it will all come right in the end & it will be in a safer place for everyone.

1 Oct, 2019


I'm glad no one was under it when it fell. I suppose it's a good idea to check everything on our gardens from time to time, not only the plants.

2 Oct, 2019


Put a like because the dovecote is lovely, I hope it didn't sustain any damage from it's fall. Just out of interest how do you keep the pigeons from nesting in it? Ours was always full of sticks, as was the ground underneath. Now it has been repaired and made into a sparrow/tit box with eight compartments, all of which were used this year - vast improvement. But I did notice that the post where it joins the spike has some rotten wood, so will have to deal with that soon.

2 Oct, 2019


You would think that the manufacturers of such a lovely thing would use something more rotproof for the support? Its surely meant to last longer than 10 years! Lets hope it can be put up again safely with a more durable pole!
What a good thing nobody was nearby when it fell.

3 Oct, 2019


Stera I agree with you regarding using an alternative to wood, but even metal gives away eventually..... concrete is the only durable material, but you can't get the right shape unfortunately.....
Honeysuckle the pigeon's never bother, we had robins nesting in it this year!
Your sparrow/tit box sounds quite intriguing!!
Hywel, it doesn't bare thinking about does it!!
Feverfew it was upsetting, but more worrying as to what could have been a nasty accident, unfortunately wood does rot!! and the constant movement had hastened it's demise!!
Siris, I hope it will be again, in the not too distant future!!

5 Oct, 2019


Hi Dotty ... Great idea to put the dovecote in a different, safer location !

17 Nov, 2019


Indeed T..T...couldn't risk it happening again...!

20 Nov, 2019

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