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Summer pics from my garden


By Janey


Hello GoY friends! All summer my computer has been messing around which meant I haven’t been able to
upload photos for a few months. Hey presto today things
look to be “working” so here are some pics of plants, insects and creatures that have enjoyed my garden this summer. X

Late sunflowers, I love this creamy lemon shade.

Red Admiral enjoying Rudbeckia lanciniata.

Lots of red, yellows and purples in my garden, Karens pretty Geranium Rozanne.

Achillea Cloth of Gold and Geum Blazing Sunset have been amazing.

Now Teddy, what have you got your eye on?

Baby Wren! She and her Mum spent days in the Robinia
tree….much to Ted’s delight…:o((

Love these old Rudbeckias, they’re nearly like Chrysanths
they’ve such huge flowers.

Fabulous to see this Brimstone butterfly on the Buddleia
Even though it’s been a damp grey summer up here, there’s been lots of butterflies.

Ok Pops, I know your bored, so this is the last pic…:o))

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Some beautiful flowers, especially that fancy Rudbeckia. That Pops is a great pussycat - love him!
And how lucky to see a brimstone - don't think I've ever seen one of those. Lovely blog, thank you!

19 Sep, 2015


Thanks Stera....She is a real character!

19 Sep, 2015


Hi Janey, lovely to see you, I hope you're doing OK, I think about you. Awww Pops and Ted as gorgeous and miserable (joke) as ever. Stunning pics of your beautiful garden Janey. Amazing sunflower and Rudbeckia along with everything else ending with Pops chilling xx

Any hummingbird moths and his year? x

19 Sep, 2015


Thank you Dawn, yes things are ok, hope alls well with you too. Yes, only the other day, one flitting around, too quick for me to get my camera! How about you, any enjoying your fabulous garden? x

19 Sep, 2015


Lovely blog love how Pops is slumped had to giggle at that one and Ted seems an inquizative cat lovely colour I to love the Rudbeckia.

19 Sep, 2015


Gorgeous blog Janey, and I love your creamy sunflowers. Great pics especially capturing the little wren!

20 Sep, 2015


So enjoyed your lovely, friendly blog. Your garden is looking so full of colour and to see the 'visitors' is an extra treat!

20 Sep, 2015



Fab photo the brimstone looks great had a few late spring up and down the river bank ,

Pops looks like a good guard cat lol

20 Sep, 2015


Brilliant photography as usual Janey and so nice to see you back ,Your garden is so pretty a proper English garden ,Its nice to see Teds but I absolutely love that last pic. of Pops it makes me grin like a cheshire cat Lol .. xx

20 Sep, 2015


What a lovely blog, Janey.Some beautiful, sharp photos!!

20 Sep, 2015


Hi Janey..glad you got your computer sorted,so we could see your lovely garden.:o) Ted and Pops are real characters,aren't they ? love the Sunflowers and Rudbeckia too..Daisy types are favourites of mine ..xx

21 Sep, 2015


I love your pictures Janey.

22 Sep, 2015


Lovely photos of your pretty plants ... I showed the photo of Pops to our daughter ... she said it epitomises a Monday morning in her office ... lol!

22 Sep, 2015


Lovely pics and combination of plants and plenty of colour, so uplifting

22 Sep, 2015


Hi Thrupenny....yes they're both full of character, Pops, likes to ignore me when I call her, or look to my left or right and not at me!! She was enjoying her afternoon in the sun, in prime position!

Thanks Sheila.....the mum Wren had only the one baby...whether Ted had anything to do with that I'm not sure......but she would shout her head off when the cats were around instead of keeping quiet...silly girl!

Thanks Wildrose, I love late summer colour, in fact I've one of the Llandaff Dahlia's children and it's only just opening it's orange red blooms, so that should last for a few weeks yet....:))

Hi Gnarly, I think the Brimstone is my's hard to get a pic of the wings open as it doesn't seem to sunbathe like many of the butterflies. Apparently it's only the male which is the brilliant sulphur yellow.
Pops likes being high up in the garden.....any place that Lottie my JR can't torment her!

Aw thanks Amy, I'd got a camera full of pics waiting to go on the computer.....yes she is so funny....neither of them are lap cats though, they do like their own space......

Thank you Paul!

Hi Sandra.....yes I love the daisy types easy for the pollinators, anything that makes life easy for them is good in my book....:))

Thank you Klahanie!

Ha ha Shirley!

Pleased you enjoyed them Gertrude!

23 Sep, 2015


Very pretty :-) X

29 Mar, 2016

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