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Sad news


By amy2


Some of you will know My brother was taken into Addenbrooke’s hospital with a heart attack followed by a chest infection ,we were hoping the antibiotics would clear the infection but it wasn’t to be ,he passed away last week .

I’m afraid what with moving house and one thing and another I haven’t had time for GOY but hope to have a catch-up soon.

The garden is showing some surprises , I’m amazed at the fritillaria growing everywhere all over the gravel areas ,apparently the previous owner use to pick the seeds off the plants and sprinkle them over the gravel …

Erythronium , from my previous garden ..

Spiraea arguta


A few shrubs brightening up the garden ,we’re keen to see what else appears …

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Oh Amy I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and the rest of your family.

I must say the garden is certainly coming on. It is also a nice surprise when nice plants like the frits appear.

23 Apr, 2018


You certainly have had a difficult start to 2018, I hope it gets better. They always say wait till you see what emerges in a new garden.

23 Apr, 2018


So sorry Amy to hear of your sad loss. Best wishes to you and your family. Garden looking lovely, and we all know what a place of solace and healing a garden can be.

23 Apr, 2018


Sad to hear about your brother, Amy.
Hope your new garden brings you some joy. X

23 Apr, 2018


I'm so sorry to hear of your brother's death. I hope you find solice in your developing garden.

23 Apr, 2018


Sad news about your brother. So sorry, Amy.

23 Apr, 2018


Sorry to hear your sad news Amy my sympathy for you and close ones lets hope luck comes your way from now on.

Some lovely plants you have there Amy the previous owner sounds like my mum she use to do this in my garden scatter seeds I could never recall planting them until I caught her one day .

23 Apr, 2018


I was surprised & saddened by the news of your brother's death, Amy. ?

You are in for a few more surprises yet I imagine in your new garden!

Have you been able to find & fix the problem with the boiler?

23 Apr, 2018


I am so sorry to hear about your brother. My thoughts are for you and your family.

With a new garden, it is so nice when little surprises pop their heads up. Take care of yourself Jen x

23 Apr, 2018


What an awful thing Amy. You have had more than your share lately and no mistake. So sorry.

Fancy getting fritillaries in your gravel! Its a good thing you didn't go right ahead and remove it straight away...
There are lots of good things appearing to cheer you a little.

23 Apr, 2018


You have been through a very difficult time Amy and to lose your brother must have been just terrible.
I am so sorry.

23 Apr, 2018


Sorry to hear your sad news Amy. Please accept our sympathy xxx

Exciting times for you on the garden !

23 Apr, 2018


I am so sorry to hear the news of your brother Amy. What a shock it must have been.
I'm glad to hear the problem with the boiler is sorted now and what a lovely surprise to find the pretty Fritillaria popping up through the gravel. Your shrubs are looking great in flower too.

24 Apr, 2018


My condolences, Amy, for the loss of your brother, so sad.

This warm spell has brought all sorts of hidden away surprises out to work their magic & cheer us all up.

24 Apr, 2018


Condolences Amy x

24 Apr, 2018


Such sad news, Amy... thanks for sharing the garden photos. x

24 Apr, 2018


Sad news indeed, my condolences along with everyone else. Losing a brother, especially unexpectedly must be devastating. I hope you garden gives some joy and remembrance of him.

24 Apr, 2018


I'm so so sorry Amy, thinking of you and just wish I could give you a hug.. I hope everything with your home and garden settles down and becomes the joy you deserve....xx

24 Apr, 2018


Sorry to hear of your loss, Amy. I have only just found your blog. I lost my sister to Motor Neurone Disease about 18 months ago. I find myself thinking of her often & wishing she was still here. She was 6 years younger than me. We will never forget & always miss them I guess, but there is always plenty to get on with & gardens are great for that. The fritillaries were a nice surprise, I hope you have some more unexpected treats as the year goes on.
Every good wish.

10 May, 2018


Thank you for all your kind thoughts it's a very sad time for the family ,I know exactly how you feel Ff I still can't believe it and miss him terribly as I'm sure you do your sister ...

6 Jun, 2018


April was a tough time for me as my mother passed unexpectedly. Although a sad time I had mixed feelings as she didn't have much of a life being pretty much bed bound, unable to communicate & her memory was confused. I felt my mum had 'left us' some time ago & that her final passing was a blessed relief. Although losing anyone you love is hard, I feel the long protracted illnesses are the worst kind & cruelest of all.

6 Jun, 2018


I am in total agreement with you about this. My sister took herself off to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland when she was good & ready & I admire her so much for that; so brave.She crammed as much as she could into those last 2 years, going on holidays, visiting friends everywhere both home & abroad. This has left me with a lasting memory of the strong, positive person she was, making it easier to deal with my loss. She did the right thing, being in control herself. Some poor people do not get the choice, if they develope dementia, for example. I have filled in a living will form & left it with my medical notes at my surgery, tho' it's not written in stone whether or not my wishes would be adhered to. I can only hope it will never come to that, one can only try.

7 Jun, 2018


I'm so sorry to hear your sad news Mari a big hug goes to you .. and you also Ff I agree your sister was a very brave lady she lived her life as she wanted to in her own way Xx

11 Jun, 2018


Thank you, Amy. Hope you are enjoying the sunny days & family visits now you are closer.

Ff, I also think your sister was a very brave lady who lived her life fully to the end.

11 Jun, 2018


Bless you Amy you have been having a tough time and to lose your brother also must have knocked you for six, Sincerely hope you have now turned a corner, think of the good years with your brother not the end, I prefer to ignore the last years with my mum and think of the life we shared before them, it was hard at first but now I can smile when thinking of her...

11 Jun, 2018


Sent you a PM, Amy.

11 Jun, 2018


That's sound advice Lincs and well worth taking on board Thanks for that ..
Thanks David ...

12 Jun, 2018

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