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My First Autumn down on the plot


By balcony


My First Autumn down on the plot

We have had tomato blight on our plot & although Gerry sprayed them when he saw the first symptoms & this halted it for a couple of weeks I eventually had to clear the great majority of the plants away.

These are the only plants that have shown greater resistance to this illness: Gardener’s Delight:

The Figs Gerry planted a year or two ago are making good progress this year. Here is a new photo of the actual fruit, although we won’t be able to eat the figs till next year.

This photo is of my Green Peppers. I thought I wasn’t going to get any fruit this year but they have already given me a few peppers. I picked some more so as to leave room for others to get a bit bigger.

Here are some of the peppers I picked a few days ago:

Each of these peppers would have cost 72p at Tesco! We use at least 3 a week. There are plenty more on the plants for several more months! I’ve diced & frozen at least half a dozen already.

My Experimental plants are coming along a treat now with the extra rain of the last few weeks & the cooler temps.


Same row but seen from the other end:

Pinto beans & Lentils:

Again, same row but seen from the other end:

Here are the Chick peas (aka. Garbanzo beans), these didn’t germinate as well so you can see many spaces in the rows:

As above, same row but seen from the other end with Lettuces “Tom Thumb”:

Gerry’s squashes have done quite well but I suspect the dry weather we had stopped them from growing bigger. I did water them quite a lot but it obviously wasn’t enough.

In this photo you can see the biggest one which has turned orange:

Again the same row of squashes but seen from the other end:

Here is last photo of the Sweetcorn. They didn’t do as well as we had hoped again probably due to the very dry summer.

I had to pick all the tomatoes to stop them from being infected with blight. I put as many as possible in the greenhouse, on the shelving at the far end opposite the door:

As I haven’t got a photo of the allotment from the shed doorway & Eileen’s plot is also showing the pass from summer to autumn & is no longer looking as good as in the other photos I’ve posted I thought I would put this butterfly photo in its place & these flowers from the plot:

My wife went to Spain, to visit her family & our 2 boys, in the middle of the month & she brought me back these packets of seeds!

There are a couple of packets of Peppers & Tomatoes as well as cucumber & even a packet of Water Melon seeds! So I will have plenty of seeds to sow for next year!

Sorry there is less variety in the blog this time, summer is now only a memory & autumn is underway, with its lower levels of light & increasing cold. This will be the last fortnightly blog from the plot but I expect to post at least one more before October expires for this year. After that I may not be publishing any more till the New Year.

Nevertheless, as I visited the Cambridge Botanical Gardens twice during the last ten days I have enough ideas & photos to make up several more blogs to take the place of these on the allotment. So look out for them in the coming months.

I’m glad there are some staunch supporters on my blogs that have enjoyed my experiences as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them.

Thank you everyone for reading my blogs & in the spring I hope to start a new series of fortnightly blogs.

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From what I can see you are a professional gardener Balcony. I like the way you show the date of the photos too. This is very useful and other member should be encouraged to do the same. I give you ten marks out of ten. When I was in your age, I had an allotment myself for many. When I visited Wimpole Hall last month, I would come and admire your allotment if I knew the address and you let me in. Do grow those spanish baby cucumbers. You can find them all over the mediterranean, but they also grow and yield well in this country. I grow them every year and they are delicious.

30 Sep, 2010


Thank you very much, Costakis, for your lovely comment! :-)) Thanks for the very high marks, too! I put the dates on my photos so I always know when they were taken & with the tile of the file as well it makes it very easy to locate later, if necessary.

You are welcome to come & admire the allotment any time you like! We shall have to PM each other. As for the baby cucumbers they are the sort normally grown & eaten in Spain. The long, dark green ones grown here are unknown over there! Rest assured I will be growing them. I sowed some cucumber seeds this year for the first time in my 6 decades in this world. They germinated OK but later, before I could get them down to the allotment, they mysteriously died on me. :-(( I think I mentioned them in one of my first blogs, possibly back in April or even May.

30 Sep, 2010


I have enjoyed your blogs very much too,Balcony,you have done a brilliant job there,and glad you are able to enjoy all your lovely produce..thanks for sharing ...:o)

30 Sep, 2010


Thanks, Bloomer! I appreciate your feedback very much! :-)) I'm so glad you enjoyed them & I hope you will continue to enjoy my future blogs.

30 Sep, 2010


It's great that you've enjoyed the summer on your allotment. I've followed your progress on your blogs. It has been interesting, and I'm looking forward to your updates next year.

30 Sep, 2010


Great blog balcony, its amazing how much produce you have produced and obviously enjoyed , keep up the good work its very ineresting seeing the various stages of growth and of course the end product!

1 Oct, 2010


Thanks, Hywel & Pansypotter, your comments are always welcome & I'm glad you both liked following my fortnightly blogs. :-)) I wish I could continue them at the same frequency but now the growing season for veg is closing down & there is little to show any longer. Nevertheless, as I said at the end of the blog, there will be at least one more update before the month finishes. After that ... ?

1 Oct, 2010


Everything, as usual, looks so delicious, Balcony. Our 6 sweetcorn plants have very large cobs, but are only now beginning to ripen, as sacrificed one the other day to check. Hoping that the weasther allows them to hold on for another week or two, or will have to give in. Your green peppers look really good, too., and I like the idea of the spanish cucumbers. :-))

4 Oct, 2010


Our Sweetcorn haven't done very well at all. I asked Gerry about them the other day & he agrees they haven't done very well this year. I have only ever grown them once before, in 1972, the year I first went to Spain. Perhaps they didn't do very well because of the hot, dry summer & I often forgot to water them. They were at the end of the allotment without much else near them & so I often forgot them. I only had a couple of decent cobs. There are more on the plants still &, like you, I hope we get a warm month & that they grow big enough to harvest. Otherwise Gerry will feed them to his rabbits.

The green peppers have done much better than I was expecting a few months ago. I didn't expect to get anything from them & I was rather disappointed at first. Now however they are doing very well & I've brought some home several times. Which reminds me of our onions, we are still using them in our meals & get through 4 or 5 a week. We should have enough for a couple more months yet! I shall very definitely plant more next year. For the very first time ever in growing them I think I did very well!

4 Oct, 2010

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