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What a lovely day it has been


Waking up this morning after not a great nights sleep and with that horrible knot in your stomach, today was my wife Kim’s appointment with the oncologist after her scan last week. What a mind blowing relief when she said there was no signs of the cancer on her brain and the tumour in her chest cavity is still in a stable condition. A few hugs and tears, the lovely thing is that the oncologist feels it is ok for Kim not to have any more chemo whilst this virus is still on the go and that we don’t have to lock ourselves up for the next three months, as long as we are careful.
Another nice thing is that the garden is starting to show signs of life, I have managed to plant all the plants that I ordered, i still can’t believe what came and hopefully if half of it comes out the garden should look quite nice for the coming summer. I have posted some pictures below of how things are coming along in there at the mo.

Anemone poppy, must start learning plants names by looks instead of grabbing hold of them and getting a recognition photo with the app, especially as it said this one is highly toxic

First show of tulips

The scent coming of this scimmia japonica bush is amazing and it was covered in bees last Monday, apparently the bush in the pot next to it is the female version, as it gets berries later on in the year

Little pot of polyanthus, must be a few years old now

Few plants in their pots

Nice new fence panels, even used the damaged fence to make infills for the bottom

Flower of the magnolia tree

Peony tree, I got two last year and named them after Kim and me, that one there is Kim reshooting again, quite soppy really :) :)

Hoping these bearded iris do better this year

Do like a lupin

Must have about ten peony plants around this area, expecting great things from the temperamental little blighters

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Oh my goodness Davey, how fantastic to get some good news, especially for you and your family! Hope you both sleep well tonight. And its lovely to see so much colour in your sunny garden too. :)

18 Mar, 2020


Oh happy news and flowers - what more do we need???

18 Mar, 2020


Brilliant news, I am so pleased for you both. some wonderful flowers now and lots more to come. sleep well tonight.

18 Mar, 2020


I love the rusty bucket of primulas!

18 Mar, 2020


Sorry Karen, primulas not polyanthus:) :), will get there eventually with all the correct names, but thank you everybody for your kind comments.

18 Mar, 2020


Hope you both sleep well tonight after the good news Davey! I thought they were polyanthus too. Pretty anyway. Looks as though you shoudldhave a grand display or paeonies later

18 Mar, 2020


Well it is nice to here some good news for a change. Enjoy your garden and stay safe, Davey.

19 Mar, 2020


Great news Davey, enjoy your garden its looking good lots of colour to look forward to.

20 Mar, 2020


Good news about Kim’s health … and it's nice to name plants after you both :)
Your garden will be very colourful soon.

21 Mar, 2020


Yeah..polyanthus...sorry, my mistake! But polyanthus are primulas of course. I never use the name Polyanthus...just a habit.

21 Mar, 2020


Davey, I don’t know how I missed your blog back in March?
I’m so sorry, apologies.
I was certain I’d replied before. I’m hoping things are going well with Kim! It’s a sad, terrible thing for her to go through, both of you. Just hope you’re both doing ok...
Your photos are fab, the garden looking great as always.

8 Aug, 2020

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