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Here are my favourite plants 2017


Further to Dotty’s Blog, here are a few of my 2017 highlights.

Have to include Snowdrops as they are a sign Spring is around the corner.

Lathraea clandestina(purple toothwort) parasite growing on the roots of the Salix in the woodland, it’s unusual and spreading well.

This Hellebore was my Dad’s so very special to me.

Anemone blanda growing in the beds, spreading well and love the way they turn to face the sun.

My woodland in early Spring, showing Primula vulgaris, a favourite spring flower of mine.

Gunnera manicata – coming to life in Spring.

Liriodendron tulipifera – Tulip tree


Not a plant but had to include :-). They are a part of my garden now.

A favourite – Alstroemeria (Summer Breeze)

General view with Lythrum salicaria

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All lovely Dawn but especially pleased to see the Toothwort because i have never seen it growing, so thank you!

4 Jan, 2018


Stera thanks, I couldn’t find to buy except from EBay, it came from a guy in Hampshire who had it growing in his woodland, I was so lucky it liked our conditions and it’s spreading a lot now. An amazing thing, no leaves.

4 Jan, 2018


Lovely choices Dawn. I notice you have lots of spring flowers like me. They look very pleasing in your woodland :)

4 Jan, 2018


Yes Hywel, the spring flowers mean alot after the winters

4 Jan, 2018


Don’t they just?! I love your Owl photo Dawn, and the photo that is full of colour. I really envy your Tulip Tree...a gorgeous thing!

4 Jan, 2018


Lovely Dawn - and it was great to see that Lythrum, as I'd forgotten how good a plant it is :)

4 Jan, 2018


again a lovely selection. I am still pondering mine :o)

4 Jan, 2018


A lovely and varied selection. Love the Toothwort, haven't seen that growing (wild) since we lived in Bath, many moons ago.

5 Jan, 2018


Dawn a fantastic selection, never seen or heard of toothwort, I am envious of your flowering tulip tree! how long have you had it now? ours possibly won't flower in our
Thanks for taking part.........

5 Jan, 2018


So colourful!

I had never heard of toothwort either. Had to look it up, of course and read the following:

QUOTE: A third toothwort is the Rhodope toothwort which comes from that area of Bulgaria which is again almost colourless. In Pavel Ivanovich Melnikov's “In the Forests” a Russian wise woman (znakharka) calls this plant Peter's Cross and says it protects against devils but only if collected with a prayer to God. UNQUOTE

Envy you your woodland and the fact that tawny owls are around.

5 Jan, 2018


Thanks Karen.
Sheila, the lythrum enjoys the damp conditions. I grew them from seed.
Seaburn, looking forward to your selection as I know you have some beauties.
Siris, what was the toothwort like when you saw it? Was there loads?
My ebayer said he had patches as big as table tops in his woodland, I can't believe it grew for me, love it, it's probably travelled 15 feet now from the original one.
Dotty, the tulip tree has been planted about 14 years now, so flowered 11 years after planting.

5 Jan, 2018


Thanks Dawn. I’d forgotten that I’d grown Lythrum from seed a couple of years ago - gave some to my neighbour, who put his next to his pond, and of course his grew bigger than mine!

5 Jan, 2018


Typical Sheila, there's a smaller variety that I grew too which was nice, that's somewhere around.

5 Jan, 2018


The hellebore is really special isn't it - in more ways than one for you.
Lovely little snowdrops too.

5 Jan, 2018


Yes Wildrose, a very special Dad so a special Hellebore :)

5 Jan, 2018


A lovely selection and colours,Dawn,but that little Owl just does it for me are sooo lucky to have that little family in your garden..:o) x

7 Jan, 2018


I know Bloomer, super cute! So as they mature, the babies must go off and find their own territory. we think the same owls must be using the nest box, some 8 years now. :-). They'll be out there soon hooting away, we hear them every night.

7 Jan, 2018


Oh wow Dawn what a fabulous selection, I have to say Ozzie Owl is my favourite and I'm going green with envy.
I've always loved your woodland and a pleasure to see all the spring flowers spreading everywhere, also never heard of Toothwort, have to look that one up, its very eyecatching...

8 Jan, 2018


Thanks Sue. :)

10 Jan, 2018

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