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Torrid Times In More Ways Than One


Hi Everyone
I’ve been absent a while but hopefully things will calm down soon. On top of obvious events, we are dealing with my daughter parting with her fiance, which has led to her moving back home. You can imagine the chaos of trying to fit almost the entire contents of her home into ours and besides Charlotte I’ve gained two big dogs and a cat. My quite peaceful life has been turned upside down but she is our priority, always there for her.
Her house sold in February with a completion date of Friday 3rd April …. I know! The first part of the news I heard on Friday was that house sales were being frozen wherever possible, we’ve had no updates from the solicitor so presuming no news is good news.

My work place has closed, as its a leisure industry so I won’t be working my two days per week for the foreseeable but furloughed so really useful to be home at this torrid time.

We’ve been gradually emptying the house over the last two weeks ourselves of course due to the social distancing, it has to be done, we have a big trailer but no fun for me trying to lift heavy furniture but we are managing. Fridge freezer and washing machine removal today. We are so on edge, crossing fingers and toes for the sale to go through, I’m physically and emotionally shattered.

I missed all the good weather to garden last week but that’s not priority right now. As regards isolation, pretty much business as usual for me, I don’t go far, tomorrow is the last slot of my online delivery for food, no more slots available so we will make do.

I’m feeling very unsettled at the moment like most of you are too I guess but Mother Nature is still doing what she does best, amazingly.

Keep safe everyone!

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I've put a 'like' for the stunning photos and beautiful flowers. Of course parents are always a fail-safe when things go wrong and I too have a room full of daughters furniture and bits, due to a break-up. Not the animals though, who went elsewhere.
Like you I don't find this too troublesome due to having a stay-at-home nature and room to work in the garden, but of course it causes worry about all friends and family who have to work and be out and about.
Some beautiful beds of blue and views in the sunshine, hopefully warmer this week!

30 Mar, 2020


Hi Honey, oh dear you've been there too, horrible isn't it and I feel so sorry for the people having to work in danger areas. Our gardens are especially our sanctuary at these horrendous times, thank you for your kind words.

30 Mar, 2020


been there done that Dawn so I know the emotional hurt and upheaval that goes with a break up. For you too as you will have got to know the fiancé and accept him as family. I send you lots of hugs and empathy.

As you say the garden continues on apace and at least we have the space to escape our nearest and dearest if they start to get on our nerves. I find just a few minutes looking at the flowers lifts my spirits.

30 Mar, 2020


You must feel exhausted at the moment, having to cope with all the emotional and physical demands, at what is already a difficult time in everyone's lives. Sending you my love and please take care of yourself in all this.

Your beautiful garden will be more important than ever now, so do find time to savour it and to find peace out there. It will help such a lot I feel sure.

Thank you for the lovely photos filled with spring colours to lift our spirits. Do take time out and to soak up your delightful surroundings.

30 Mar, 2020


Oh Dawn I'm so sorry to hear that sad news you must be utterly devastated , My best friend is making room for her daughter husband and two children to live with her and her hubby ,her daughters husbands business has gone bankrupt they sold their house to put the money into the business so nothing to sell , my poor friend hasn't much room anyway so its going to be a tight squeeze and everybody in tension mode .. we're in sad times , your garden photos are beautiful you will find some peace in the garden take care and keep well ... big hug Xx

30 Mar, 2020


Just to reassure you Dawn I to have been through all this twice with my two daughters kids furniture as well . My oldest daughter with 4 children and hubby lost her home too their mortgage payments went up so high they could no longer afford it on their wage so had to sell the house at auction not getting a penny for it this was some years back then my other daughter her little girl and her hubby 3 times I ve had them back the last time my daughter left him. .
It's a lot to cope with especially the furniture when we are older but you seem to cope and is far better than being homeless with two children living out side in cars shed or fields like I have had. When you are feeling it's on top of you go for a walk around your garden into another world. So sorry to hear this has happened at such a bad time

It's even worse with the waiting of selling the house with what's going on with this so called virus .
You can now pinch my saying to others with children, dont ever think when they leave you ll need a smaller house you wont you ll need a bigger one as they come back in doubles and trebles and you ll need a bigger bank account too.

Your garden has so many different varietys so pretty being in flower love that tree a wonderful shape the pond is looking great too.

30 Mar, 2020


So sorry you have so much upheaval all at once. It can only be stressful. So much I don't understand - frozen transactions? I don't get it, eps in this day of advance technology. Hope it all sorts out soon. Health & Safety is utmost important.

30 Mar, 2020


Good grief! What a torrid time you are all having. My love and condolances to Charlotte. It sounds like she is being put through the wringer. I'm a bit like you pretty much as usual for me here. But Scott is finding it a bit harder as he was out so much before. He would go out three times a week playing Badminton, then he played Golf at the weekend and went to the local David Lloyd three or four times a week as well. I'm sure we will all get through it though....I do hope it doesn't last for six months...but needs must. Take care with the furniture shifting. We have had our Son move back in with us too. He is also selling his home and it is due to complete around the 10th April. Luckily, as he is planning on emigrating to Canada, he has sold the contents of his flat to his buyer, so no big stuff to remove. He is working from home, so we have given over our study to him as well as the guest rooms. But hey you say...children come first, whatever their age. Its going to make it even harder for me when he moves away though, having had him living here. I am not looking forward to it. Neither of us are. Its going to be really tough. But they have to go their own way don't they.

30 Mar, 2020


Bathgate, in Scotland, this freezing of house sales is due to the Land Register being closed. Apparently the staff in the offices there were not happy about having to handle documents that had been in the hands of Solicitors. I'm not sure whey they can't wear gloves.....duh....but apparently the Law Society of Scotland has now come to an agreement with them, and hopefully things will soon be back on track.

30 Mar, 2020


Thinking of you Dawn, I’m so sorry everything is happening during this virus situation. It’s terrible at any time, but given the issue with the house sales and how it’s affecting your daughter and all of you makes it even more distressing.
Your pics are really lovely, as you say, Mother Nature just carries on..

30 Mar, 2020


The Land Register doesn't want to handle documents contaminated by solicitors so all sales are halted? What were they doing before? We are surrounded by pathogens all day long. As you say gloves will do the trick, also ultra violet light will destroy the virus and solarization as well - direct sunlight.

30 Mar, 2020


Oh! Dawn, that is just horrible. We worry so much about our children and the older they get the bigger the problems.
My son John and his partner Abi who, as you know, live in rural Sweden are expecting our first grandchild in May. This virus is a great source of worry for us all. At least they have four and a half acres of land to wander around in. They are pretty isolated all year round but no longer have friends coming out to holiday with them.
My other son Mike and his partner were moving into a new flat early April but everyone is staying put. They are in London with two nurses as flatmates!
Your garden is so wonderful, Dawn. I hope it can give you some joy at this worrying time.

30 Mar, 2020


Dawn so sorry to hear your news....we have been through this twice, two daughters with failed marriages both with children...we couldn’t have them return home, we didn’t have the room......
What an awful time for this to happen..I feel for you must be emotionally drained and physically worn out......take will all work out eventually....

30 Mar, 2020


The 'like' is for those stunning pics, thank you for taking the time do them. Would be bad enough about your daughter's split without the virus situation. Stay safe and stay sane.

30 Mar, 2020


Oh dear, seems there's something in the air beside the virus. Sending sympathy to all those suffering the side effects of family crises . Dawn your garden is so beautiful. It must be so healing to see the pool (it's a lake really) and the wood anemones especially. Would click Like but the option has disappeared.

30 Mar, 2020


I love you, my gardening family! You're all so kind and I feel much better for reading your comments.
Seaburn, horrible isn't it, it doesn't seem long ago when she said he was the one.
Thanks Wildrose, I can't wait to get back into the garden properly.
Amy, I thought she was settled, your poor friends' family situation!
Thrup, you've had lots of upset and upheavel too, I guess they're always our children.
Bathgate, its was in the media house sales should be out on hold due to the virus to eliminate social contact, I guess that means people potentially moving into a contaminated home but we could argue the house has been empty for a couple of weeks, although we've been in and out, then there's skeleton staff working at mortgage lenders and lenders possibly holding back money. We want to draw a line under it all, Anthony works for land rover, they are closed and Charlotte is self employed, we really need the sale and if it all falls through the house price could fall due to the economic crisis, it just goes on and on.
Oh Karen, you have upheaval too plus the stress of Callum emigrating, poor Scott too having his wings clipped haha.
Linda, that's exactly right, their problems get bigger as they get older.
So sad you potentially won't get to see the baby in Sweden until this is all over. I hope your son in London keeps safe, awful isn't it.
Oh dear Dotty, kids are such a worry.
Thanks Siris, Stars, the garden helps a lot.

31 Mar, 2020


Thank you Dawn I put all down to anexperience which we all learn by.

31 Mar, 2020


Dawn I am sorry to hear about your difficulties. It's sad when people break up. I hope you've been able to finish emptying your daughter's house now.
You have a nice big garden to enjoy, it is full of spring interest and colour :)

1 Apr, 2020


Hello Hywel, I hope you're doing OK.
Thanks for your kindness.

2 Apr, 2020


So today what we were dreading happened - the house completion is on hold until lock down is lifted. The buyers can't move as the removal companies are closed down so its just a waiting game now.

2 Apr, 2020


So no respite at all. Sending lots of hugs to you and the family. But as 'mum' we usually carry the biggest burden don't we? And I know dad will feel it too but I've found mum is the one they want to talk too.

keep getting out in that garden Dawn and listen to Mother Nature all around you.

3 Apr, 2020


Yes as well as I can be Dawn thank you :)

3 Apr, 2020


I understand Hywel, time is the healer to a certain extent.
Thank you Eileen, yes what you say is spot on, thank you for your kindness.

3 Apr, 2020


I should have said in my PM Dawn...Callum managed to get his flat sold last week because he sold all the contents with it, so there were no removal firm needed. The buyer is a student Doctor.

20 Apr, 2020


That is good news for Callum Karen and must be a relief for you too.

20 Apr, 2020


Thanks SBG..yes, a huge relief as he has just been laid off from his job as a Senior Property Manager, and I am doubtful he will have a job to return to.

20 Apr, 2020


Beautiful selection of pics

6 Mar, 2021


I have just found this blog Dawn, as Sheilabub was worried about you and sent a message via my friend Wild Rose.
So decided to have a look at your page to see how you were!
I hope everything is well with you and that you were just so busy to go on goy!
I love all your pictures of your gardens and must be lovely to just walk through and relax !
I hope everything got sorted out with your daughter now and that you all remained clear fron the covid!

3 Jan, 2022

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