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The New Forest


By eirlys


My Other Half and I decided to check out the colours in the Forest last Tuesday. Monday had been such a lovely day that we were convinced Tuesday would be such a day. It wasn’t!

It was misty when we left home but we often have sunny days after a misty start so we didn’t mind. However, this time the mist remained with us practically all day. Viewpoints had no views and the photos that I took turned out somewhat ghostly and wishy-washy. I blame my camera also. I have never liked it as much as my old one. ( Blame the instrument; not the user!!)

Anyway the colours were not as bright as we had hoped though in sections there was the occasional blaze of red. In the photos the russet shades seemed to be yellow ; very disappointing.

Lots of horses and cattle around and they have right of way. No deer, but we did see a family of pigs, all rooting for acorns and chestnuts. The piglets hid in the bracken when we stopped the car. Shame, as they were really cute!

Pannage is a concession given to the commoners and the tradition dates back to William the Conqueror. Pigs are allowed to roam and forage for food. They make the most of it!

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They are lovely pictures, Eirlys.......misty day or not! I lov the New Forest!

6 Nov, 2016


Yes, lovely pictures Eirlys. I love the New Forest too :) (lived in Lilliput a long time ago!)

7 Nov, 2016


Great colour.

7 Nov, 2016


The colours are beautiful. They've been vivid this year.
I remember the horses in the New Forest when I went there on a holiday many years ago - they were lovely and very friendly too :) What a beautiful place to live ...

7 Nov, 2016


I do miss the new forest. I lived in Romsey in Hampshire for 7 years so had it on my doorstep when my girls where little. Weekend and holidays used to take them to Bolderwood deer sanctuary as there was loos in the car park and a ice cream van in the summer. 2 very important things when you have little girls :-). As we walked around the meadow where the deer were feed we would quite offened see deer crossing the path ahead of us. Did you see on BBC news this morning. They said the pigs were let loose to eat the acorns as they can eat them but poisonous for horses and cows. Lovely blog.

8 Nov, 2016


Glad you all liked the images but I was really disappointed. My Other Half was busy driving so he didn't take any this time,

We also visited Exbury Gardens but were disappointed there also. In the Spring one used to find lots of azaleas, rhododendrons and magnolias for sale. This time the section was EMPTY! I know it's the wrong time of year but it was still a bit of a shock.

We paid to visit the actual Gardens but somehow got lost! Did not see the colours we had hoped to view. Got really tired in the end. The fact that my camera ran out of charge as soon as we had paid the entrance fee didn't help.

Oh dear! All that sounds as if I am whinging. Well I am!
Enjoyed the drive and the picnic!

8 Nov, 2016


Eirlys your photo's are still lovely, its very disappointing when you have gone to visit somewhere and Mother Nature isn't playing fair, know exactly how you must have felt though, two Sundays back we had taken my grandkids to London, a convention at the Excel on the bank of the river but it was not our kind of thing although some of the costumes were amazing, daughter and I hopped on the train and headed off to Greenwich, hoping all day that it would clear up for us but nope, was foggy all flipping day, was a relief when it was time to go back and pick them up again by which time it didn't matter as was already getting dark...A trip to do again sometime, the colours of the trees was a sight to behold though even in the fog...

8 Nov, 2016


I love the New Forest, but rather take it for granted being almost on the doorstep. When there is a mist seen through Autumn trees it is so magical.

9 Nov, 2016


Pretty photos .. well done ...cameras are unpredictable, aren't they, as to how the colours will turn out.

10 Nov, 2016


My camera is a Panasonic Lumix. Nothing wrong with it (!!) but it's not a patch on my previous camera, a Casio. Can't easily buy them in the UK these days.

My little Casio was fantastic and I had no problems for six years until my OH sat on it! :O(

Lincslass: Haven't been to London for years! Used to visit our ex-evacuee but now she comes to us for holidays and the Christmas festivities.

Siris: Yes, we tend to take The Forest for granted, even more so now that cattle and horses have been re-introduced on to the surrounding heathland.

Terratoonie: I think you are being very tactful and kind! Thank you, anyway.

10 Nov, 2016


In what ways was your Casio a better camera please ?
... just interested ..

13 Nov, 2016


Terratoonie : Smaller, faster, lighter, and packed a punch! Sharper, clearer images. I took lots of photos of our neighbour's little girl as she was growing up and her mother thought the Casio images were better than those taken by her far more expensive camera.

Thought Casio only dealt with watches and calculators before I bought my camera. How wrong I was!

14 Nov, 2016


That's interesting to know ... not always easy to get clear images with other makes of camera..

14 Nov, 2016


Perhaps now is not the time to say I use the cameras on "automatic" ! :O)

14 Nov, 2016


Terratoonie: I have managed to replace my "old" Casio camera with a nearly-new purchase of the exact model.
I love(d) this camera.

25 Nov, 2016


well done Eirlys ... just don't let anyone sit on it...

25 Nov, 2016

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