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Rain stopped, time for a look at the garden


I know we down here longed for rain, it came in the end, buckets of it, proves the adage “never rains but it pours”

Eased a bit today so here’s an update on mainly fruit
This is my new “Pinova” apple, I’ve allowed a couple of fruits, just have to taste it this year

This is my ""Champion" apple, very sparse with fruit this year, but it’s a young tree so plenty of time

The figs are doing well, fingers crossed for a warm summer

My Doyenne du Comice pear continues to do well, looks like some fruit set. This year will be my first crop from it

My “Sunburst” cherry was going so well, kept birds & snails off, then it rained and some have split. I’ve had to eat them not quite ripe because they only rot where they’ve split

Good & bad news, blackfly infesting the Champion apple, but here’s the ladybird cavalry to the rescue

The gooseberry grown up a curly support, not many berries, I lost some with the storm early in year, but those that survived look good

This one is a chance seedling, no idea of parentage, it arrived years ago and set up camp under a pyracantha on dry bank, but seems to like it’s choice of home. The fruit is a nice dessert eat raw one so double bonus

And finally, a green grape, in a pot, from Wilko last year, no idea of variety or how it will turn out, I was on a grape spree last year so it was in my basket before I thought too long about it. Growing against a SE facing wall. Fingers crossed

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Loved seeing all your fruit GG. Some of my apples look to have failed to set this year. Bad weather at the wrong time. Hey...that’s life. I’m glad you’ve kept one or two to taste on the newbie.

16 Jun, 2019


The curly support gooseberries are a good size!
Annoying downside to the damp, is that a little bit of mildew on the grape? I'm getting it on my courgettes but a bicarb/baking powder spray has reduced it well. Dare say it'll be back...
Had some orangey rust spots on my pears too but saw it early enough that I could just trim off affected leaves. The close attention when snipping was especially useful as I found a patch of yellow eggs with a tired looking sawfly next to them, crisis avoided😄

16 Jun, 2019


It is difficult keeping pets at bay. Barbara and I have had the sprouts stripped by pigeons. One day they looked great and the next they looked awful. We have netted them.

16 Jun, 2019


Interesting to see your fruit. It's nice you have room for them. I miss the apple trees I had in a previous larger garden.
I'm glad you've got lady birds. They don't seem as common as they used to be.

16 Jun, 2019


What a delicious garden you have! sounds great.Amazing that your cherries got to that size - often the blackbirds take them long before they are ripe.

16 Jun, 2019


Steragram, the only reason the birds don't get my cherries is because I net them. The tree is on dwarf stock so only shoulder high and manageable to put netting over.
Doesn't stop snails crawling up & nibbling though

17 Jun, 2019


I was wondering about the Cherries too Stera, how they got that size, but the dwarf size explains it. Saw some Ladybird larvae down on a patch of nettles on the field yesterday and wondered why they were protecting the nettles and not up here protecting my plants!

18 Jun, 2019


Nice to see them all in fruit for you they ve grown really well.

18 Jun, 2019


Doing well Grandad...

29 Jun, 2019


Lovely to see so much fruit growing in one garden, we did have grape vines!! But they took over the garden!! we keep a fig tree mainly to hide the neighbours!! the squirrels always beat us to the figs!! Hopefully you will have a productive season...

23 Jul, 2019

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