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Bee fetish?


Sorry, I know you will all soon think that I have some sort of fetish about bees, but I don’t!
It was just that as I was locking sheds and such like just as it was nearly dark, I passed the teasel near the path and saw all these bees, fast asleep!
I hadn’t given much thought to bees sleeping, but as they are so busy during the day I suppose they must rest sometime. At that thought I suppose I imagined them all curled up together in their nest.
But there they were, and there were loads, all (not moving at all) on the teasel.
Pictures not too good as they were taken in the nearly dark with a flash.

Not good photo, but bee asleep inside hollyhock flower

Daytime photo of bees on the teasel, as many as five at a time on one head!

Promise not to bore you all with bee stories for a while!

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Bees are never boring and I find it fascinating that bees fall asleep on or inside flowers! Thanks for such an interesting blog!

7 Aug, 2013


I'm a bit obsessed with the bees and things too! I could watch them all day.
As I walked up the path to put away my niece's bike last night - a similar thing was happening on the Aconitum. I wondered if they got so distracted in their feeding that it was too late to return safely to their nests.

7 Aug, 2013


Apparently it's the male bumblebees who spend the night in the flowers. Once they leave the nest they can't go back. More information in the 2nd last paragraph

7 Aug, 2013


How interesting I have never seen this. I love to watch bees as it reminds me of summer as a child.

7 Aug, 2013


Add me to the list of bee watchers too. I'm often to be found just standing by flowers watching them. And if I'm working close by I talk to them.

Interesting note about the male bumblebees Scottish and thanks for the link.

8 Aug, 2013


and my brothers thought it was only humans who stayed out all night :o)
I was interested in the link too. Thanks Scottish.

8 Aug, 2013


Thank you all so much for your kind comments, I now don't feel quite so weird taking such an interest in the bees. I have always loved little insects and used to spend hours on my Father's small-holding wandering through the weeds watching all the little bugs.
Back to the bees - thanks Scottish for the link which was fascinating and just shows there is always something to learn.
Digginfit who talks to the bees - the old tales of bee-keepers who tell you that you are supposed to tell the bees in the hives about news in the household (births, deaths etc.,) or they will leave, perhaps it works on wild ones too! Keep talking to them so they stay in the garden.

8 Aug, 2013


All the bachelor's in their pads, lol. Is it the bee equivalent to sleeping on the sofa? :-)

I love bees, too. They are magnificent creatures. I read an article once about the mysticism of bees, how the hive is a perfect microcosm of the human body, all individual cells working together for the greater good. Much more to it than that, obviously but fascinating subject.

8 Aug, 2013


They are lovely photos :) I rescued a poor bedraggled queen bumble bee the other day. She was in a sorry state so I gave her some sugar water, popped her on my warm washing machine and an hour later she flew away quite happy. We had them nesting in the exterior walls, hope they return.

29 Mar, 2015

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