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Cotoneaster cornubia


By hywel


I promised this blog for Steragram earlier on :)

About 25 yrs ago, when I lived in a different place, I bought a standard Cotoneaster cornubia tree,
and brought it with me to this garden when moving …

I believe it is grafted on to a dwarfing rootstock because it never grows much,
and here’s a photo of the graft …

It’s very easy to prune – I just snip off the little branches if I see one growing too long.

The next photo was taken before my garden became overgrown,
and as you can see, it looses some of its leaves in the
winter ….

In springtime it is full of beautiful flowers, and it attracts many bees :)
and that’s when I like it best.

By August it develops bright red berries :)

When it was in the back garden birds never ate the berries,
but then the place became very overgrown, and the little tree looked as if it was suffocating :(
so I moved it to its new position by the little back road that goes past the bottom of my garden.

Down there, the berries get eaten, and I think it’s because there are more birds around, in the hedgerow along the road.

Many people stop to have a chat with me when I am down there and remark about how pretty the tree is :o)

It looks pretty in the winter …

But I prefer it in the rain.
or even better when the sun shines :)

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Wow, what a lovely tree. Can understand people passing commenting on it. I love the berries.

30 Sep, 2016


Yes, I think these standard Cotoneasters make a lovely specimen in a garden. And, although it's nice to see the berries it's also good that the birds eat them.

30 Sep, 2016


Thank you Hywel for all the lovely pics. Its taller than it looks on some of your blogs, I was quite surprised! You did well to move it successfully - shame about the berries but Paul's right, its nice for the birds! I haven't seen a photo of one in flower before, its lovely isn't it? How long have you had it?

30 Sep, 2016


Thank you all :)

I've had it about 25 years Sue ...
It's about 5 feet tall I think ? I'll measure it next time I go down the garden.
I bought it in a little local nursery, which has closed down now.

30 Sep, 2016


that is a lovely specimen and you did well to move it and get it to survive.

30 Sep, 2016


That's a very impressive specimen you have there, Hywel!

30 Sep, 2016


No wonder you said I have room for one Hywel - I'd no idea you could get them on dwarfing stock, I'd only seen full sized street trees before.

30 Sep, 2016


Thank you all :)

Actually I've never seen the full sized ones. I thought they were all small :D lol

30 Sep, 2016


Wow thats really lovely Hywel and you have kept a lovely shape to it, I agree its a beauty in the springtime but it looks very striking with all its berries....

30 Sep, 2016


Yours is lovely Hywel, ours had to be moved it was a 50/50 chance thing but it was in the way
The top died but the rootstock has made a lovely bush full of flowers and berries

1 Oct, 2016


Beautiful little "tree" Hywel. It looks lovely when it blooms too .
Your back area looks so lush, lots going on there.

1 Oct, 2016


Thank you all :)

2 Oct, 2016


If I lived near you I would walk up that lane to enjoy all the seasons changes. I do not see how I could choose a single favourite as each adds more joy and knowing the birds benefit when they need it makes it just perfect. Like Stera I only know of the full size tree, I did not realise they graft cotoneasters.

4 Oct, 2016


Thank you :)

5 Oct, 2016

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