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The ZZ plant


By hywel


I’d never heard of this until I bought one a few days ago …
I was in a well known high street retail store and looking (as usual) at the plants when I saw this :-

Strangely for many retail stores it was correctly labelled – Zamioculcas zamiifolia.

Now I sometimes buy a plant because I like the name, and this sounded rather unusual so I had to have one and into the basket it went :D

After I got home I looked it up and read that it’s common name was “ZZ plant” … which are the first letters of its two scientific names Zamioculcas zamiifolia.

It is also called “Zanzibar Gem” and is native to the eastern side of Africa, from Kenya to South Africa so has to be treated as an indoor plant here.

Having thick water retaining rhizomes it is drought tolerant, and should not be over-watered,
and actually in one of the places where it’s care is outlined it was suggested you “remember to forget watering it” :D

It is also said to be an air purifying plant, removing volatile organic compounds from the atmosphere, but I don’t know how effective this is.

It belongs to the Araceae family which includes the Arum Lily Zantendaschia, Peace plant Spathyphyllum, and Flamingo flower Anthurium etc …
and has the same type of flower, and I can’t wait to see if mine will produce some blooms soon.

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I will be looking forward to pictures of flowers then Hywel!
I have two different Flamingo plants, one of each colour.

19 Jan, 2022


that is a good buy Hywel. It has a lovely foliage feature.

19 Jan, 2022


Great looking plant, Hywel! Hope it does well for you & that you "forget to water it!" 😂 😂 😂

19 Jan, 2022


Looks very healthy Hywel!

19 Jan, 2022


How exciting, to buy a plant you’ve never heard of 🙂. I do hope it will flower!

19 Jan, 2022


Unusual plant. Hope it produces a flower spathe for you.

20 Jan, 2022


Looks a nice plant Hywel.

20 Jan, 2022


Looking very green and healthy, Hywel.
Looking forward to seeing it flower later.

22 Jan, 2022

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