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that was the week that was


hi all,just thought i would give you a quick peep into my week.. you may remember a blog i wrote at the begining of August about carrots..well here are the results..

this one was in a drainpipe 2 ft long the carrot was a massive 4 inches..

the other was in a square shaped metal thing 2 ft 6in long ..lots of roots at the bottom here..

this carrot was a whopping 3 & a half inches..

it measured 4ft 1 inch from top to end lots of foliage lots of roots just no carrot in the middle…
we discovered a leak under the sink in kitchen.. after seeing the wooden floor coming apart, may need a new unit for sink as looks like water has got into side panell

went to allotment to find some rotter has nicked one of the pumpkins i am growing for my grandchildren for halloween, this is where it should be on the straw..

it was in the middle of this bed

i have now covered the rest of them with netting ,bit late though i just hope they dont come back for the rest..

before my son left for uni last week he " forgot" to tell us about a heat mark he had made with a plate on the desk in spare room which had his computer on…

now i know this looks a bit drastic but wait and see ..

the cloth must be cotton…magic…

oh well, we shall see what next week brings…

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Crumbs Joanella, I can understand you not wanting to relive this one.........

26 Sep, 2010


ha ha ,you have to laugh or you would cry as they say Lincs,got over it now , just have to look round for flooring..dont know if its worth getting laminate again this will be third lot in kitchen.....

26 Sep, 2010


oh joan what a week, sorry about your pumkin, so annoying grrr,and your experimental carrotts ;o( hope your son has settled in uni ok and clever you making the mark vanish ;o) have a rest now x

26 Sep, 2010


I know the feeling Joanella ,as well as my son going away to uni (very emotional) the council have started the modernisation on my house.I have had to lift carpets, shift furniture and empty all my kitchen.I know it will be worth in the end but you don't think about that when you have a leak and the electric keeps tripping and you can't find anything.This is just the first week as well.

26 Sep, 2010


poor you to mavis, hope your son settles to and you of course, joe goes next sat to wales and we are staying till monday ,

26 Sep, 2010


Sanbaz.....Christopher went on the train, he got a bit nervous about goin to uni so I had to put my emotion's on hold and jolly him along He has phoned twice and seem's fine he has found the pub Lidl and Topman and loves his hall's.

26 Sep, 2010


hi San,the pumpkin seems nothing but it upset me more than anything, i hope they dont come back again.. the one they took was Sams age 8 he had scratched his name on it so his name swelled as it grew..they each know which is theirs...Daniel has settled thanx hope Joe has too..been there before with marks on furniture lol :o)
oh Mavis i agree about going to uni i thought id love it (last one to leave home ) my new found freedom..i thought..i just feel empty inside but thats just being a mother i suppose..i feel for you having your house done.. my mums is due to be done,kitchen,doors,windows and bathroom we are dreading it you say it will be better when its done its just putting up with all the least yours is getting done now rather than when it gets colder..with your doors open all the time..:o)

26 Sep, 2010


What an eventful week....lots of things happening of the not-so-nice variety. I hope your flooring is soon sorted.

We had a new bathroom put in 2 yrs. ago (with laminate flooring that was sold for the express purpose of standing up to wet/damp areas such as bathrooms) and we got a leak under the bath, the flooring started to peel at the joins and I am now in the process of trying to cover up the marks with various solutions. I often wish we had put down lino!

Wishing you, San a nice journey to Wales (& a few days' break too). Adjusting to waving our kids off to make a way for themselves for whatever reason seems to be the order of the day this time of year (((San & Mavis))). And good luck, Mavis, with all the alterations in your will be an upheaval but worth it at the end of the day.

Joan....I'm sorry that the pumpkin got nicked and I hope the culprits stay clear of your allotment and don't come back!! It is a big adjustment for us moms....I too know the hollow,empty feeling. Our son moved back to Canada a year ago and I was a wreck and so sad for many weeks....but I did learn to accept it and it's not so bad now. We keep in touch via the internet and webcam....:)

26 Sep, 2010


sorry San i thought Joe had already gone to uni..
sounds like Christopher is doing better than you Mavis lol..

26 Sep, 2010


sorry about that long a bit carried away there,

26 Sep, 2010


I was thinking of doing that idea with the carrots Joanella but never got around to it. i saw someone who had grown an enormous carrot doing this. Maybe they must have fed it everyday with growmore or something like that.
What rotters for stealing your pumpkin my friend. Some people have no consideration of the efforts of others.
Hope you can manage to get your kitchen panel fixed-it doesn't look too bad to me so maybe you can save it. ;-))

26 Sep, 2010


thanks Jacquie,i have vynyl in bathroom & wc but dont fancy it in kitchen im having a good think about it ..sorry about your flooring im sure you will sort it out in the end..i dont know how i would cope if any of mine were in another country but i suppose you have to & like you say we now have the fantastic internet & webcams..:o))
PS..what long reply J i didnt notice we are here to chat arnt we ...

26 Sep, 2010


hi Richard,thanx for your comments yes i saw it on tv once a man had a drainpipe right up the side of his house to the roof ..he was doing it for rhs shows and won.. his was nearly the lenght of the pipe though ...a bit more than 4 inches lol...we shall have to wait.. we have someone from insurance company coming out to check the cupboard it was their suggestion.. we didnt even notice it :o)

26 Sep, 2010


lol mavis he`s found the essentials then, glad he`s ok ;o)

26 Sep, 2010


wow thats a brill trick wth the iron , have to remeber that . soz bt the bad week .

26 Sep, 2010


We have a heat mark on our old oak kitchen table.

I'll try the 'iron trick' tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

26 Sep, 2010


thanx Cristina,its ok im over it now lol :o))
hi Expats it works a treat..must be cotton cloth & try it gently first although i had it on red hot..i wouldnt want you putting a claim in to me if it doesnt work :o)

26 Sep, 2010


Try this link also Expats for heat marks...

Good luck with the insurance man tomorrow Joanella ;-))

26 Sep, 2010


cheers Richard..:o))

26 Sep, 2010


Oh dear Joan, what a week indeed, short carrots, stolen pumpkin, heat marks and soaked floor ! Just one of those events would have been upsetting, never mind all in a week. What heartless person would steal a pumpkin for goodness sake ? I hope, if they're out 'Trick or Treating' they get nothing at all as they don't deserve to. Good tip about removing the heat mark !
I hope the coming week is a better one for you. Keep smiling. : o )))

26 Sep, 2010


hi Shirley,i think the pumpkin will have been kicked or thrown about the field at the side of allotments..i feel sorry for Sam my grandson who has watched it grow for months now will be ready soon now..i have another for him but its the fact that his has been stolen..ah well never mind :o))

26 Sep, 2010


We used to have an allotment as you know, and one year, just before Christmas somebody took 3 Brussels Sprouts, not just the sprouts ,they actually dug up all 3 plants ! Cheeky beggars !

26 Sep, 2010


oh beggars belief sometimes..i had a large marrow nicked last week.. didnt mind so much as we dont eat them.. i just wanted to see how big i could grow them .i hope they choked on the sprouts or got lots of wind from them lol...

26 Sep, 2010


LOL ! ! !

26 Sep, 2010


It's terrible when everything seems to go wrong at the same time! I've had weeks like that as well.

It's a terrible thing to do staling someone's hard work. I feel for you as it is heartbreaking when it is something you have been doing especially for your grandson. He must be upset as well seeing his pumpkin has been stolen.

Hope you don't have any more weeks like this one!

27 Sep, 2010


hi Balcony,thanx for your comments yes the most upseting part is the pumpkin i wouldnt have been so bothered if Sam hadnt chose that particular one ..:o))

2 Oct, 2010

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