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Time off to prune and tidy..


By kate123


Off work this week, mostly to have a break, but, to tidy up some larger shrubs and hedging.
Pruned the tall laurel/viburnum/osmanthus “L” shaped hedge in the front garden.
We had to take quite a lot of the solanum crispum glasnevin in the back – what with the few days of heavy rain last week followed by lovely warm sunshine this week, It had become a monster!!! :-D
Trimmed back the two ceanothus, plus the ivy hedge too.
The other laurel, we had trimmed the other week – only needed a light trim on top. Oddly it now has an unintentional heart shape!
I’ve removed a couple of euonymus shrubs and a cistus. The latter had an abundance of white flowers, but it had become so very woody.
It’s raining again today, but we managed to replace all our cctv yesterday, as it was a really lovely day. Tomorrow, it’s the pvc fascias up and down to clean on the house, plus the guttering, exciting tasks!
Anyway, sat down yesterday afternoon and relaxed for a short time in the sun..this is my potted Rowan which was a small seedling in the garden. I am not sure what I’ll do with it eventually?
I don’t want to plant it out that’s for sure.

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You have been busy Kate ! Putting me to shame ! I think you will have to put your Rowan tree in a huge pot if you don't want to plant it in the garden.

18 Jun, 2020


Thanks Rose, I think you’re definitely right there - it’ll have to be a really big pot, won’t it? We used to have a Rowan in the front, the builders/landscapers planted them in everyone’s garden all those years ago. We had to remove ours due to the new drive being done. I would plant it out, but to be honest, I have no room anywhere.

18 Jun, 2020


My have been a bus 🐝.......not much of a rest!

18 Jun, 2020


Busy schedule there,Kate....where is your rest time? If your anything like me,I thrive on continuous work in the is wet and dismal...I primed the garden seat and helped OH to refurbish his 'office's....

18 Jun, 2020


I remember Kate, that Alan Titchmarsh said a tree could live in a big pot for ten years !

18 Jun, 2020


The Rowan looks really good in the pot you garden looks lovy too . You have done quite a lot but at least you ve given yourself time to relax and enjoy a little

18 Jun, 2020


Your garden border looks intriguing. The chimneypot and planters look very attractive placed together. I'd love to see more pictures of the layout.
I expect it was tiring but satisfying effort with those large shrubs. Nothing lifts the spirits like a good clear-out!
How is little Evie? I hope she has settled in well.

18 Jun, 2020


Thanks Dd, I was definitely buzzing around ☺️
Julia, I think I’m like you as you say, I can’t sit down for long plus I love getting stuck in and the sense of achievement is great! Seems like it’s miserable weather most places today - sounds like the weather doesn’t stop you!
Thanks Rose! Good old Alan! Great tip, thank you.
Thank you Dawn, it does look nice thanks, I’m deciding how to proceed, shape wise! Yes, I think I sat down for 10 minutes, but still..
Thank you Anget, that’s kind of you. I have a couple of other chimney pots. I like the interest they add. I’ll have to post some more pics. You’re right, it feels so good to look back and see the work was worthwhile! Evie is settling in so well! She has her own little routine and loves defending her territory! She was a bit unhappy it was raining today, but it soon brightened up after tea and she was off out patrolling her patch! ☺️

18 Jun, 2020


Before I retired I used to say I was going back to work for a rest, you have had a busy time Kate....

18 Jun, 2020


I have heard lots of people say that, I must admit! Hopefully I’ll be relaxing over the weekend! Fingers crossed ☺️

18 Jun, 2020


Wow, you must have deltoids like Hercules, lol. You've really been busy. Soon, you can rest from your vacation-when you get back to work. Good idea about your Rowan. It looks like it's read to jump out of the planter. Don't forget to take time to enjoy the weather and your garden.

20 Jun, 2020


I wish, Paul!!! I was achy last night though, cleaning the pvc fascias yesterday plus hanging out the upstairs windows trying to reach areas which got a little streaked during the cleaning process - ouch!
I’m pleased with all the pruning though, lots of leaf drop now so today I’ll go round and collect it all up.
You’re right about the Rowan - I think it has a growth spurt every day :-D
Thanks, I think I’ll take advantage and potter round the garden later soaking up the sunshine and just relax a bit!

20 Jun, 2020


Oh yes, with a super large iced tea.

20 Jun, 2020

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