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Social distance lunch / friend’s garden queries.


By kate123


I visited my friend for a ‘social distance’ lunch today. She sold her house last year and moved into her bungalow which she’d been renting out for many years.
She’s been sorting out the back garden, the front has been tackled and it’s now looking pretty.
Her husband has several raised vegetable and herb beds, all looking lush and healthy.
Her bedding and shrub flowers are doing well.
I’ve posted a few pics of plants which were in the garden when she bought the bungalow some years ago, with the intention to move in eventually.
She has been planting and transplanting plants for the past year now, but there are some she has no idea what they are? ( me neither )
Any feedback welcome and advice on plant care too.
It was nice to feel some normality today..

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I thought the 5th was Hardenbergia, except that the flowers are either white or purple!

3 Jul, 2020


Is the 3rd one jasmine beesianum?
Last one could be some sort of jasmine too if it grows very quickly.

3 Jul, 2020


I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to your friend.
I'm no good at identifying plants but the 3rd one reminds me of Hypericum.
5th and 7th are Jasmine
6th looks like a raspberry or blackberry

3 Jul, 2020


A big thanks to you all, Julia, Anget, Sheila and Hywel! I’m very grateful of your input and feedback. I’ll let her know today.
She’s very excited about getting her garden up and running now. She’s done a lot of ground work and she’s trying to learn what goes where and how to care for the plants. Saying that I’ve had to tell her to lay of the pruning shears..she getting carried away!
I’ve told her I wish I had the space she has! Lucky thing..
Thanks again everyone, she’ll be very pleased ☺️

4 Jul, 2020


Good advice Kate - discover first, chop later... Agree with Hywel about no 3 - one of the small flowered ones.

(Did your friend start moving things about before knowing what they are?If that's really white ceanothus better give your friend an idea of how big it will get!)

4 Jul, 2020


I am not sure that the second one is Azalea as it looks quite bare. My Rhodies don't have pointed leaves and my one Azalea leaves are quite different to this one !
Other than that I can't really help with just leaves to look at!

4 Jul, 2020


Thanks Sue and Rose, all the advice is most welcome!
I have to say, yes, Sue - she has been a bit gung-ho with her lifting, transplanting and pruning. Maybe I should have said hacking! Jings, she is enjoying every minute, but, she’s not one for having patience. A lot of the shrubs especially the hydrangeas are doing well. She did move one or 2 of them, however. I’ve tried to advise her - although I’m not greatly experienced:-))

4 Jul, 2020


Thanks Paul/Arija. I’m not all that experienced myself. That’s a good thought, I’ll relay this to her. Cornus, I hadn’t thought of this. Thank you.

5 Jul, 2020


Lovely blog, but i can't help

5 Jul, 2020


Thank you, Aleyna, it’s no problem. x

5 Jul, 2020


I'm barelly able to recognize our owns ... lol

5 Jul, 2020


Am the same as well Kate, lovely blog and photo's, but I have the same plant recognition problem, hence me plant id app plus no2 daughter is getting me the a to z rhs plant id book for me birthday

6 Jul, 2020


I think that plant ID app sounds pretty useful! It’s ok, Davey. Like Aleyna, I think we all struggle at’s lovely just being able to enjoy all the lovely plants we all have!

6 Jul, 2020

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