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Another attempt at tidying the bottom of the bund.


By kate123


We spent 3 hours yesterday, digging out and replanting, removing ‘found rubble’, reorganising rocks, stabilising the slope and planting some more box balls which we purchased last week.
OH used this heavy, long spade implement – it has a very narrow longish spade head. He jokingly called his Roman spear spade. It’s effective at digging deep but it quite hard work.
The pic I’ve posted is almost at the end of our task… we still had to re-site the big rocks, pressure wash the ‘steps to nowhere’ after I’d brushed them down and tidy up etc.
We transplanted the standard holly – which is out of sight – but it’s on the far right next to the fence. There’s also a Choisya out of sight, bottom right behind the water but.
Trimmed the central fern – it helped with seeing where to replant.
I think we’ll move the seed feeder above…the pigeons are a pain in the neck…messy and mucky.
We’ve been trying to train Eve to chase them – although she is more of a house cat! She prefers to view all activities from a window sill indoors…
10 mins checking out the garden perimeter is enough for her!
Planted some more alliums to in one of the beds/border.
Weather was lovely and mild.

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Just found out the implement used is a fencing grafter.

20 Mar, 2022


This tool is one of my favorites in gardening. It can be used for digging in heavy clay and when I get down to a layer of shale, I can hit the top of the handle with a rubber mallet(taking the neighbors into consideration so as to not make too much noise) to crack the shale and pry the pieces out. The long handle saves the back.

20 Mar, 2022


Phew,Kate,I felt tired reading your blog...
a lot of valuable work done.That certainly was a workout! Eve looks very majestic.

21 Mar, 2022


All looking sunny and Spring like. Love Eve on her thone supervising the hard work..

21 Mar, 2022


I'd like to know how there's always more rubble, no matter how much you dig out, Kate. Is there some strange chemical alchemy that makes the stuff breed?
I know how exhausting working on a slope can be and, for us, it was always hit-and-miss about what would grow and thrive. The plants never read the books...
It's looking good. Your Overseer obviously knows what she's doing!

21 Mar, 2022


Loosestrife, I’m pleased you covet this garden tool also! I have to say, you are so very spot on about it’s used! I can’t believe how well it gets down deeply into soil, or rubbish soil!

21 Mar, 2022


That’s kind, thanks Julia! She’s a little gem.
It was exhausting, the soil was like heavy clay in places…plus finding the layer of cement and brick!
We live on what used to be the timber dock. Think everything of no use or purpose was tossed in to the bund!
Slightly further down, there are channels where water still comes in from the river/estuary. Lovely duck ponds and features.

21 Mar, 2022


Thanks, Sue! Yes, her 10 minutes or so in the sunshine, supervising the task in hand 😄

21 Mar, 2022


Ange, it’s by no means a big area as you can see…but, crikey, you’re right! You think you’ve dug out a small amount and you look and realise you’ve filled 10 black bags! I mean, it’s a small area!
Thanks for your kind feedback too! It’s very trying at times - I think the pigeons make the issue worse.
The top -art is thriving with sea buckthorn,hawthorn, ivy, rosemary, blackthorn, ceanothus etc… it’s just this little blasted corner. I’m looking for a new seed feeder spot!
Eve is not best at monitoring the pigeon activity, especially from the inside of house!!

21 Mar, 2022


I've always like your bund and the choice of planting, I can see why it would be a challenge to work on and I know from experience that you certainly need to move the birdfeeder, pigeons are the clumsiest, messiest birds we get in our gardens, you need to borrow our Pepper, she hates the pigeons with a vengeance, haven't a clue why she picks on them as the doves can wander around our patio and madam just sits calmly and watches them...Little Eve is a very pretty cat and obviously considers herself a lady.....

21 Mar, 2022


Banks can be very hard work Kate so well done. Now have a nice rest! Its all very nice for pusscats isn't it - they make splendid supervisors but they are pretty useless at weeding...Poor little soul, she makes up for it with her beauty! Its good that you can grow rosemary - it won't thrive here - even lost the one I had in a pot!!

21 Mar, 2022


Aw thanks Sue (Lincslass), that's good to hear! I'm pleased you like the bund and the planting up on it too! It's very encouraging!
I'm keen to move the feeder as you say your experience has also been a negative one with messy pigeons! They make a nice spot horrid in a short time 🤨
Sounds like Pepper is the perfect solution for pesky pigeons! It's funny like you say, she ignores the doves!!! I haven't seen a collared dove come to think of it, this year!
Thank you for your lovely compliments about Eve..she certainly is a very pampered puss!!!!!

21 Mar, 2022


You're so right, Sue (Steragram)! They make gardening a challenge indeed! Plus it can be an added workout!
Thanks kindly for your message, plus, have to agree..cats are wonderful at observing and supervising, but hand them a trowel!!!%!??$!!
I'll pass on your lovely compliment to her! Oh she is a pampered puss! Our fault indeed!
I'm sorry you struggle with rosemary..I think it seems to do well on the sloped bund as it has sunshine mostly all day in summer and it's quite dry.

21 Mar, 2022


I was just going to say it was a grafter Kate as Rick, when he was younger and not disabled swore by it!
I am late looking in and missed your picture!

22 Mar, 2022


Thanks for looking in Rose, I’ve just noticed the pics have vanished…knew it was too good to be true. 😟
Bet Rick found the fencing grafter a real bonus in the garden!

22 Mar, 2022


I can see them again Kate....

22 Mar, 2022


The pictures are back again Kate!

24 Mar, 2022


Thanks Sue and Rose! It’s like magic! 😄

25 Mar, 2022

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