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Snow 2022


Well. this is what we woke up to yesterday morning and to no power
But….it looked beautiful.

Temperatures were not so cold but lots and lots of snow.
It is little cooler today but forecast is for warm temperatures on the weekend.

We put incandescent christmas lights around hummingbird feeders to make it little warmer around it but it was of no use yesterday morning as there was no power to it.

It came back in about 10 hrs.

Andy took his tractor out and cleared the driveway.
It will probably take few weeks to melt all down.

We were warned that it is coming but it still created a problem in the bigger cities and airports.
I think also that when all this snow will be melting we might be flooding. We will see what next day or too will bring.
Merry Christmas.

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Lovely photos Klahanie … good luck with the thaw. And I hope you both have a lovely Christmas, and keep warm!

21 Dec, 2022


Wow!!!! Absolutely stunning pics, Klahanie!!! Definitely fitting of the season, albeit I'm sure it causes much difficulty with getting out and the wildlife can suffer.
Andy has his work cut out, his tractor really stands out vividly amidst the white stuff!
I do hope the thaw really doesn't cause flood damage 🤞
Sending the very best wishes to you both over the Christmas festive season, good health for the year ahead x

21 Dec, 2022


Lovely to see those beautiful photos of the snow on the trees - but I still couldn't suppress a few shivers though! I just can't imagine what might happen here if we ever got more than couple of inches of snow!

Good job the lights came on again! Don't they frighten the birds??

21 Dec, 2022


Goodness, what a view! I'm glad you have a tractor to help you out, Klahanie and hope very much you don't have flooding later.
Your feathered dependents look well looked after!

21 Dec, 2022


Stunning photos Klahanie! Sorry to hear about the electric, thank goodness it came back on eventually. I do feel for the little hummingbirds in the cold temperatures, they look so tiny, that's good that you feed them so well.
I hope there's no flooding for you and that you have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

21 Dec, 2022


Its good to see your trusty cafe with lots of customers! No humming birds this time! Your garden looks lovely in the snow but I'm glad we haven't got any! We too had a long power cut recently and when we tried to light a fire an old jackdaw's nest fell down the chimney and flames shot out into the room - all very dramatic but no harm done. We have had the sweep now!
Have a lovely safe and dry Christmas. Sending very warm wishes for that and the New Year.

21 Dec, 2022


How dreadful :( and with no power too :( I hope it is restored soon.
It's nice you thought of the birds, poor things.
Have a lovely Christmas Klahanie :)

21 Dec, 2022


Hope the snow arrival is brief Klahanie and that there isn't significant flooding afterwards. Photos are spectacular. Have a happy time with your family.

22 Dec, 2022


wow that is one heck of a snow fall in one night. The main thing is that you are both safe and have stayed snug inside. [well after clearing the drive that is]. The view is beautiful.
Very seasonal.

22 Dec, 2022


Thank you all for your nice comments and sympathy.

22 Dec, 2022


Hi Hywel - thank you! We've had the sweep now so it won't happen again

22 Dec, 2022


Beautiful photographs Klahanie, I couldn't comment before as my Goy went stupid for a while, I'm now playing catchup.....

3 Jan, 2023


Thank you Lincslass, I had to log in to GOY today, very unusual. Best wishes for 2023.

3 Jan, 2023


The sky looked so heavy with snow! Your fairy lit feeding station is adorable! So many guests too! Your snowy views were stunning.

31 Jan, 2023


Thank you for your kind note Karen.

1 Feb, 2023


Missed this Klahanie, stunning photos, They really are. All the tiny hummingbirds trying to keep warm too. What would they do without you? I hope by now things may be milder?
I think we're in for another freezing spell soon, batten down the hatches!

2 Feb, 2023


It has been up and down temperature- wise Janey. Just had a slight snow sprinkle couple days ago but it is gone now.
Temperatures on south Island are cool but nor freezing .....thanks goodness as lots of things are starting to wake up. Thank you for your note and looking forward to see your garden developing into spring. Keep warm and healthy Janey.

2 Feb, 2023

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