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Happy New Year


And here we are, January 1st 2023!
We got a white Christmas and now all the snow is gone. One of the atmospheric rivers from Hawaii got us lots of rain and warm temperatures. So far no flooding around us (thanks goodness)

It is warm enough that it is tempting to go out there and start gardening. There are few chores that have to be done after the winter storm but they are not pleasant chores.

Everything looks sad outside right now, no colour except our Christmas lights.

Inside, I have few Amaryllis bulbs coming to flower .

Made some raisin bread and finished another knitted warm blanket for our guesthouse bedroom. It will be a lazy day today.

Pattern detail in sage green colour.

Our hummingbirds survived the freeze and dancing happily around all feeders.
I put a video of them on YouTube which was made around Christmas.
Link to it

It’s done from inside on darkest days of the year.
From now on we’ll see more light with every day.
I wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year .

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Happy New Year to you have been very industrious..I love the sage green blanket...did it take long to make?

1 Jan, 2023


Thank you Julia. The knitted blanket took me for ever. I am sure I started sometimes in late summer. Knitting is a slow process. I also crochet and it builds up much faster.

1 Jan, 2023


What a beautiful blanket - well worth all the effort. I've never seen that stitch before - effective isn't it?

1 Jan, 2023


Thank you Stera, I think the stitch is called "acorn" Not difficult at all. I do like the overall effect and the yarn is very soft and apparently anti-pilling.

All the best to you in the new year.

2 Jan, 2023


Happy new year ! :)

2 Jan, 2023


Happy New Year to you both, Klahanie! Good to hear your property wasn't flooded.
Lovely pics as always. I shall look at your YouTube video.
Your bread looks tasty too, plus I do admire your skill in knitting that lovely blanket. I do like the sage colour.
Best wishes! 🔔

2 Jan, 2023


Happy new year - loved your videos . The barred owl too .

2 Jan, 2023


Thank you for your good wishes, Klahanie. Your knitting is lovely - I've just had to unravel a large part of a jumper I'm knitting so goodness only knows when that will be completed! I admire your tenacity.. And I envy you your cooking skills, the bread looks scrumptious.
I shall look out your video.

2 Jan, 2023


Happy New Year to you too,Klahanie,thank you for your good wishes,and I love your photo's,especially the cosy Blanket you are knitting..I used to knit a lot,but I don't have the concentration ,or the patience ! lol.

Let's hope 2023 is a good year for us all.. xx.

2 Jan, 2023


Thank you Hywel,
Thank you Kate for you compliments.
Paul, thank you for visiting my videos (and leaving a message on hummingbird's bath.)
Ange, I do lots of unraveling.....before I settle on what I actually like. Good luck with your jumper.
Thank you Bloomer for your lovely note. I also hope that 2023 will be good to all of us.

2 Jan, 2023


Happy New Year Klahanie!
I love the blanket and sometimes wish that I liked knitting, but unfortunately I don't!
The colour is lovely and is similar to a blanket made by my daughter in law for our great grandaughter.

3 Jan, 2023


Happy New Year Klahanie, the photo's are great as were the ones on your previous post, that blanket looks lovely, I haven't knitted anything since my grandchildren were tiny, now my fingers wouldn't allow me to, the last time I saw that particular stitch in use was on a hot waterbottle cover I knitted over 65yrs ago, the last knitting project I actually finished in junior school, my headmistess called it a crossover double purl stitch, done in red and blue, the crosstitch was the blue part , I clearly remember forever getting the two balls of wool tangled, thankyou for reviving that memory....I hope 2023 is good to you xx

3 Jan, 2023


I knitted some when I was young and then in my career years I newer even thought of it. I just picked up on it recently. It needs a great deal of patience.

Thank you Rose and Lincslass for your comments. I enjoyed reading them.

3 Jan, 2023


A happy New Year, Klahanie! 😀 I love your pictures of the Amaryllis - you put me to shame! 👍😂

BTW, our daughter gave me an Amaryllis for Christmas 😀 40 years to the day when one of my sisters gave me my first ever Amaryllis! 😀

3 Jan, 2023


I remember your lovely amaryllis from times you posted pictures of them. Good luck with them.... they can be little finicky to grow (for me)

5 Jan, 2023


Love the colour and pattern of your blanket - someone is going to be very cosy.

Hope you have a great year ahead of you.

Your Amarylis also have a cosy feel to them!!!

8 Jan, 2023


Thank you Wildrose for your nice comment. XX

8 Jan, 2023


"... they can be little finicky to grow (for me)"

They practically grow with little intervention from us! They are no more difficult to grow than Daffodils! Just they will die if they get frosted or frozen!

I've been growing them ever since one of my sisters gave me the first one 40 years ago on Christmas Day! I've written several blogs here on GoY about how to look after them & how to get them to flower year after year! Even how how to grow them from seeds! My very first blog on GoY was about growing Amaryllis from home saved seeds!

8 Jan, 2023


Happy New Year... I'm a little tardy. Dec. and Jan. have been very un-winterish here... rain, freezing rain and dark, dark, dark. How did you weather the arctic incursion? have family on the ocean up-island who experienced minus 26 degrees C. They were up thawing water pipes in the wee hours. these anomalies are too common. Anyway! hope you have a happy, healthy 2023!

30 Jan, 2023


Thanks for your comment Balcony. You have some very nice Amaryllis.
Hi Lori, good to see you on GOY. We had "warm" December, January on South Van. Island. Only couple times it dropped below 0deg C. Mostly in 6-8 deg. Today is cold (0 deg C)
I am wishing you all the best in 2023

31 Jan, 2023

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