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Mystery plant naming!


Im desperate to find out what these ones are so i know what position they need- i think theyre calendula officinalus or similar spelling-marigolds???

this potted shrub has little white flowers ready to bloom

These are just waiting to be planted and some in already out

I love these, im kind of stealing them though as theyre growing under the fence from next door!

Thanks for any ideas :o)

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The one coming from next door is Valerian. I can't tell what the others are... I expect someone else will be able to help!

31 May, 2012


The shrub with the small white flowers looks like prostranthera cuneata. Does the foliage have a minty smell?

31 May, 2012


The second one is Prostanthera cuneata - Alpine Mint Bush.
Don't know the others lol :o)

31 May, 2012


Thanks Spritzh. i will add that one :o)
erm im not sure Andrewr will have to check that thank you both, i wasnt sure if the others were easily distinguishable yet :)

31 May, 2012


Sorry Hywel, must have been writing at the same time there lol, yes i think you and Andrewr are right about the shrub tho i havent been to smell it yet lol, too cold. think it looks a bit sparce doesnt it, mite put it in the ground. :)

31 May, 2012


The first one does look like a calendula officinalis(pot marigold) leaf Leigh, not sure about the others till they get bigger, can you remember what seeds you sowed? know you lost the labels but we could probably narrow it down a bit with some to pick from, its driving me mad this,lol, been back to look loads of times :-)))

1 Jun, 2012


Yes kathy i think i wrote them all on a blog-im sure there were just random seeds in the pack! :o)
oops dont think i did, just checked, right, got my packets here and the ones i dont already know are- campanula (cantebury bells), hollyhock (summer carnival mixed) i think these died/never came up, gypsophila (babys breath), delphinium (pacific giants mixed), gaillardia (grandiflora mixed), echinacea (purpurea) didnt think any of those came up either.
ive got quite a few of those in the 2nd photo so doubt theyre weeds again lol-the pink weeds died by the way, i left them out when i was away 4 the weekend and theyd shrivelled up when i got back :(
Just googled echinacea foliage and i wondered if the could be those, the leaves are a little rounded but maybe they just need to mature more? :o)

1 Jun, 2012


Think picture 4's probably canterbury bells then Leigh, thats a biennial so it won't flower till next year,hollyhock, gypsophila and delphinium have fairly distinctive leaves so isn't them and too rounded to be the echinacea and gaillardia, the plant on the furthest left in the tub looks like an echinacea leaf they're fairly pointed at the end not sure about the other 2 though, they look slightly different, ?? they could be gaillardia some do have long narrow leaves, can't be 100% sure but know none of them are hollyhock, gypsophila or delphinium so narrowed it down a bit :-))

2 Jun, 2012


I had one once but it never had much of a smell. Maybe my nose isn't working properly lol

2 Jun, 2012


im back! missed you all lol, had no internet and weathers been rubbish! good job ive had my new gardening book or id have been lost lol! kathy the ones in the tray and planter are the same-i think, theyre growing well tho so just have to wait and see!
lol hywel! its full of flowers now but havent had a sniff yet! :)

8 Jun, 2012


First one could be Corn Flower, an easy to grow flower that might come in a packet of wild flowers, or easy to grow flowers. If it is, they get a blue daisy like flower and can grow up to about 2 feet or so.

20 Jun, 2012


ah thanks angie but i should probably update this. we think its pot marigold ive got loads of em, there a couple of flowers forming but cant tell colour yet, maybe a few days. i do like cornflowers :-)

20 Jun, 2012


Maybe! Although I think the leaves are too long for Marigolds, but let me know when it blooms and please add a photo here so I/we can see. I think the wait and see of a mystery plant is so enjoyable.

20 Jun, 2012


it is enjoyable and exciting yes! i just worry about not having them in the right conditions lol. the leaves on that one are strange but most of the others have grown quite upright but are definately the same ill get a pic up as soon as they flower :-)

21 Jun, 2012

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