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Just thought id let you know im back!


Had a pretty epic fail of a night last tuesday, it started with the misery of Donny getting robbed by Rotherham of all teams so that was a waste of time and money! Then after a few too many me and OH had a disagreement while we were out, then to top it all off i got home to realize id lost my brand new 500 pound phone, tho had a pretty good idea who would have had it but decided to not hand it in! I feel so stupid to had not got round to getting insurance but was so careful all night then at the last possible moment it went missing! So being absolutley gutted about that and not having my best friend ‘the internet’ at my finger tips ive been pretty down. Ive decided i can just about afford to buy the model down from it rather than being stuck in a 2year contract without a great phone. But anyway, im looking forward to catching up-it may take a while on this old phone, i sold the last good phone just as i got the new one so back to the old, old one! Ive got quite a bit of colour in the garden so will try and get some pics up if itl let me so best get on! Hope your all well bet youve been lost without me havent you lol! :-)

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Sorry to hear about your new phone, you must be gutted, it looks as though your photo,s haven,t uploaded, but i,m sure your garden is looking lovely, with all the work you,ve put in it has to be. Derek

30 Jul, 2012


Yes it just wasn't the same without you lol :D

30 Jul, 2012


Goodness Leigh what a night. I have had the same mobile for over 5 years and had no idea they cost that much.

30 Jul, 2012


What a downer Leighanne!!! I know I'd be fuming. You were missed :)

30 Jul, 2012


Aww thanks guys ive missed you all, I tend to curl up in a ball and hide when I'm down but I'm up and about now and seeing all the colour here is very cheerful! :-))

30 Jul, 2012


Glad you have colour in your garden to cheer you up!

30 Jul, 2012


Aw keep your chin up x

30 Jul, 2012


awww Sorry to hear all that Leighleigh :(( - glad to have you back though x

31 Jul, 2012


thank you all ill be fine again in 3 weeks when i get my new phone and ill be back on aaallll day again lol :-))) xxx

31 Jul, 2012


Wondered where you were Leigh, aaaw so sorry to hear you've lost your phone :-(, what a night!!!, our daughter did the same not long ago except she didn't loose her phone she accidently dropped it down the loo!!!, water damage,she wasn't insured either so she was the same back to the old phone.
Glad your gardens cheering you up a bit :-)) x

1 Aug, 2012


thanks kathy :-) you know, thats one of the most common reasons for insurance claims i read! i dont take the risk lol :-))

2 Aug, 2012

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