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May and June......


Everyone knows I like a mingle, this year was no exception, they were colourful and encroaching into each others space, hardly any room for weeds, that was a good thing as I really was not in the mood for sorting it out for a while, my heart was just not in it, no rain for weeks, when we did get some the garden went silly and everything went quite mad whilst my mind was elsewhere…

.One morning I needed to get outside back into the garden, we were in limbo awaiting the all clear to arrange Dereks funeral, a change around was needed, my Acers were now getting too big for that position and keeping the light off the pond., so I moved them..

They looked lovely on that granite but within two weeks I had to move them again because the heat was too much for them, they were beginning to get burnt like last year, now they are behind the garden shed in the shade of the apple tree..

I know they will kill the grass but I’d sooner that than lose my Acers, still haven’t decided where they will end up, not a lot of shade in my garden except around the apple tree, I keep wondering whether to alter the stones that edge the raised bed that runs along the side of the garden, I have all summer to decide ……. The next photo is showing my new Crab Apple Tree, it was a birthday present from my daughters….

The roses are having a good year so far, the first one is as old as I am…

The Delphiniums once again were towering above my head and for the first time ever I had some red poppies, they started flowering the week Derek passed away and were still producing flowers for his funeral, he was a Liverpool supporter so I think they appeared especially for him……

The pink ones are doing really well,I keep deadheading them and they keep producing more….

I treated myself for my birthday, I figured I deserved it, Derek loved Highland Cattle, we have many photographs taken by him, paintings done by my daughter-in-law and grandaughter also little ornaments given as gifts to him by the grandchildren. Juliet named it Derek immediately, he can be seen resting at the side of the pond even from our windows…

Before I go I want to thank all of you for the lovely comments on my previous very sad blog, I’ve read all your comments many times, losing him like that has been hard and I’ve never felt so lost but they gave me comfort…xxx
Below is a photo showing the poppies right next to where we laid Derek to rest, we chose a Green Burial, its a beautiful place, only about 5miles from home, we can take the dogs with us as long as they stay on a lead, we are having a tree planted next to his grave but that cannot happen until autumn…..

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So good to see your return to GOY after such a sad time Lincs. Your garden looks so beautiful and seems to have delivered in bounds. It has obviously been a sanctuary for you during these last few weeks.

4 Jul, 2023


You have a lovely garden Lincs. So much colour, I think you must have very good soil. My garden has suffered this year from the lack of rain, it is very sandy. I’m glad you have your garden to occupy you during this sad time in your life.
Thinking of you & I hope all goes well with the funeral arrangements for Derek.

4 Jul, 2023


Welcome back, Lincs. Good to know your garden is calling to you. It all looks wonderful and I really like the highland cow!

4 Jul, 2023


Things are so hard for you, and I do sympathise. I hope all your hard work was therapeutic in some small way. Your garden is looking great, and I love your highland cow too!

5 Jul, 2023


Your garden is looking lovely Lincs, and I love your highland cow also.

5 Jul, 2023


Your garden is beautiful ,Sue,and you have so many lovely memories there,which must be so much comfort for you and your Family. I love the Highland cow too,and the Wildflower area,couldn't have been a more fitting resting place for Derek..Take care, and it's nice to see you back on Goy again,although I've been rather lacking on here lately, for one reason or another. xxx .

5 Jul, 2023


Lovely garden . Glad to see it again.I specially like your roses Lincslass . I am jealous.

6 Jul, 2023


I have been popping in and out of goy Sue, and haven't been up to really doing anything on here and like you am finding it very hard.
I do hope you saw my message at that time.
Your garden looks so lovely and you are my type of gardener too!
I have been taking photos which will go on here eventually.
I love the highland cow, one of my favourites and what a lovely spot to choose for Derek too.
As Rick always loved the sea, being a retired fisherman, part of him went in the sea here.
Sending love to you! xx

6 Jul, 2023


Sue, how lovely to see your garden looking glorious in the sunshine. You have some wonderful plants, not least the Roses and pink Poppies, they're gorgeous.

The Highland cow is just perfect and will make you smile often.

Take good care of yourself and your family. x

6 Jul, 2023


Sue, thank you for sharing with us. It looks a beautiful place where Derek is resting. Peaceful too. We have missed you and its good to have you writing blogs and posting pretty photos of your garden too.
Derek, the Highland cow looks just perfect there in his perfect place.
You've an abundance of colour in the garden, your roses are blooming perfectly, I like the white one with the petals edged pink especially. Your mingle is definitely magical.
Keep safe and well. Xx

7 Jul, 2023


Thankyou all for your lovely comments, sorry I haven't replied to you individually, I'm alright some days and not others which I guess is normal, I had never really got over the heartbreak of losing Cathy my sister so losing Derek so suddenly flipped me over the edge, I had to seek help from the doctor but I am getting there now thankfully, its so lonely now but in a way I'm glad he went quickly, he was keeping a massive secret from all of us and without going into details my Derek must have been in agony for quite a long time but we never knew, it explains so much as to why he changed so much in the last couple of years, we will never know why he did that, my son Gary said it was his decision and we have to respect that.....My garden has always been my haven as you know, I put my world to rights out there, at last it has my care and attention back again, its doing me proud this year despite our rather erratic summer weather...... I'm not beaten yet and will bounce back again ..xx

10 Jul, 2023


Good for you. Keep your pecker up, ( sorry, it’s a Lancashire saying). I think your Derek was very brave.

10 Jul, 2023


Hi Sue,so good to see you on've had a double loss ,it will take
awhile to come to terms with it....listening to friends,they also say it's the loneliness they can't cope with.

..Thankfully you have your garden and dogs.Keep strong ,don't feel you have to hurry back to will always be here for you x

10 Jul, 2023


Hello Sue, You must have been devastated when your Derek passed, especially after losing your sister.
He must have been so strong willed and had a high pain threshold, but in time you may see that he was trying to protect you.
I know you will "bounce" back like I will too but don't know when.
I felt lost and lonely and still do some days even if I have my family around me.
We have to take each day at a time and like you, my garden helps me through it.
My thoughts and sympathy are with you! xxx
P.S. I did send you a message at that time.

10 Jul, 2023

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