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More Beauties and Freaks!


By meanie


One of the ways that I pass the time when I can’t sleep is to browse Flickr for stunningly beautiful or weird blooms.
This is my latest instalment.

As before, right click the links (underlined) and open them in a new tab to save having to continually reload this blog.

Musical accompaniment is provided by either;
Spem in Allium , a choral piece by Thomas Tallis
La Cienega Just Smiled , a beautiful track by the American artist Ryan (not Bryan) Adams.

The first is a beautiful climber going by the name of Tropaeolum deckerianum OR adpressum

Aristolochia is a genus with a lot of strange blooms. Here are just two………
Aristolochia fimbriata

and Aristolochia westlandii

Next up is an Impatiens species from Madagascar.

I can’t decide if the flower of Monodora crispata, (the Orchid tree) makes it a beauty or a freak!

Dorstenia barkeria is definitely a freak!

Two orchids next; Bipinnula canisii and Pleurothallis flexuosa.

We are all familiar with Hoya, but what about Hoya multiflora?

And to close, one for Delonix – Polyscias recemosa which is native to Hawaii.

Hope that you’ve enjoyed a brief look into my wonderful world of insomnia!

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You certainly love the unusual Meanie! Beautiful pics.

3 Dec, 2011


Surely there must be some sort of potion you could make out of some of these plants.... that would help for sleep!

4 Dec, 2011


Very nice Meanie, some of the plants made my hands itch to own them!

4 Dec, 2011


I got out bid at the last second on a Hoya Multiflora on ebay just two weeks ago...drat. But I got a Hoya Publicalyx Silver Pink for £3 BARGAIN!

I go out walking when the insomnia is bad, just wandering about aimlessly.

4 Dec, 2011


Pimpernel, sorry for your insomnia, but great blog thank you, really weird and wonderful some of the pics. I really like them, would like weird plants in my garden but north east Scotland climate says no.

4 Dec, 2011


Lol, This is Meanies Blog Cazcat....He has enough bother with Iclair pinching his comments.

4 Dec, 2011


Thanks all!

4 Dec, 2011


some great photo's Meanie, especially the Tropaeolum deckerianum i like these also the Aristolochia westlandii i've grown the Aristolochia Chilensis but was a monster and had to get rid of it..

4 Dec, 2011


some intriguing and amazing plants on here, thanks meanie and i love having the music to go along side it.
not sure which plant was my favourite but i did like
Dorstenia barkeria ~ like a wonderful exotic plant on a beanstalk!
I thought Pleurothallis flexuosa was weird ~ like an alien mouth ~ with a furry tongue.
I reallly liked Hoya multiflora ~ beautiful, like diving creatures from the sky, amazing.
Polyscias recemosa ~ really fascinating ~ like living christmas decorations
also loved Monodora crispata ...Orchid tree ~ exotic, delicate and fascinating
Aristolochia fimbriata ~ another fascination, like an alien.
rather liked Impatiens sp. Madagascar ~ quite intriguing.

thanks for all these, i find these amazing things so interesting ~ ok, so i didnt listen to everything in school but i do still like learning something new. thanks again, fascinating blog.

4 Dec, 2011


Thanks Surreylad and Sticki!

I've been thinking about giving Aristolochia chilensis a go. I've found the seeds at Chilterns.

It must be your turn soon Sticki as a seasoned Flickr user!!

4 Dec, 2011


oh dear, i havent found so many as you. and i get tempted by wonderful sea scapes more than exotics. you will make me feel guilty if i dont do it. i have to get up so early for part of the week that i cant spend so much time looking round flikr but i will try at some point.
i have a few photos of around my area to do a blog one day but will put this on my 'to do' list!!!

4 Dec, 2011


it's quite easy to grow, but when it's happy it spreads real quick.. If you give it a go have fun the pitchers are great on it

4 Dec, 2011


Did you grow yours outdoors SL?

5 Dec, 2011


No it started in the greenhouse Meanie and took over it and was poking out the top vents, this if happy really is a spreader but it's not hardy so soon gets killed off with the frosts..

5 Dec, 2011


Rethink needed maybe then.........

6 Dec, 2011


Some pretty weird looking plants you found there, Meanie! :-))

When's your next sleepless night? LOL! :-D

6 Dec, 2011


Weird can be wonderful!

This is my latest insomniac discovery..............

WARNING: only go there if you have several hours to waste!!!!!

6 Dec, 2011


Thank you for the warning then, I think I'll wait till I have a sleepless night! LOL!

7 Dec, 2011


looks like a whole project on one web page ~ will keep us going for ages meanie.

7 Dec, 2011


Fascinating.....lovely latin names. A connasoors page. Can't spell it.

11 Jan, 2012


The I. madagascar was totally loved it!
And the hoya! wow...and the hairy little orchid...all totally cool~ insomnia you say?

7 Aug, 2012


The I. madagascar would be a gem to track down wouldn't it Lori!

8 Aug, 2012


I'm still drooling over the hoya! but yes...I sure wouldn't turn down the I. madagascar...speaking of flowers "madagascar" I bought madagascar has loved the hot and dry and is growing very will be an annual, of course.

8 Aug, 2012


That looks interesting!

I'm still wrestling with the common periwinkle (Vinca major & minor) in the new garden...............

9 Aug, 2012


Too much? I love vinca minor and have many places where I think it would thrive. My cousin who lives a few miles south has a whole grove of trees where the periwinkle thrives like a beautiful carpet...she's promised me at least a couple of square feet of it! Just realized I didn't post the pic of the MP...will post.

13 Aug, 2012


I really struggle with Vinca Lori!

13 Aug, 2012

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