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Back in the day...Part


By mouldy


Scaffolding, RSJ’s, blah-blah.

Meanwhile, Mouldy’s been watching.
He’s watched other old buildings, nearby, being repaired and renovated.
He’s watched the road being torn up and relaid.
He’s watched local businesses tart up their fascades paid out of local grants that fall like manna from the heavens.

Mostly, though, he’s watched the garden.
Just watched and waited.

They want to pull down the rest of the wall my trellis is attatched to, as it’s a bit of an eyesore.
They’ve agreed to replace it with a wooden fence, then pin my trellis to that.
Notice the word ‘then’.
The plan is to take the trellis down, take the wall down, build the new fence and pin the trellis back on.
Naturally, I’ll detatch my climbers and I’ve put in about a squillion plant markers, so my bulbs don’t get pulverised by the builders’ tackety boots.
That’s the hope.
I’m also hoping that the students, who will accomodate the building about to be created for the Games, once the games are over, will not chuck fag-ends, spliff-butts, beer cans and so on over the fence or out of their windows.
And lets not even mention bodily wastes.
Which just leaves redesigning the garden, as there’s bound to be less sunshine in my wee slice of eden.

Looks like it’s going to be an eventful year. ;-)

(Mouldy physically evicts his visitors from the e-shed and back to reality, puts his feet up with a chuckle and slips Nat King Cole singing ‘There May Be Trouble Ahead’ on the turntable).

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Hi Mouldy, good luck with that one, Derek.

17 Feb, 2014


Scarey. Are you going to remove the trellis yourself so it doesn't get damaged?

17 Feb, 2014


Thanks Derek. Lol.
No Stera.
I'll just them sweating. ;-)

17 Feb, 2014


Taking photos of them doing it Mouldy, then when it comes round to getting it put back, you've the proof that they took it down in the first place. Be 5 steps ahead. Maybe Mouldy should sit handy with a basin (clean or dirty, your choice) of water ready to throw over those students. Or am I being a bit too harsh ;)

17 Feb, 2014


Oh crumbs Mouldy, I hope your garden doesn't get destroyed, sods law isn't it that after all the years of no-one bothering and it was just grass, you get it all looking nice which benefits all who look down on the gardens and this happens., you'll have to keep us updated...

17 Feb, 2014


Agree, take lots of photos and document everything. Ask in advance for address to send the claim to ; ). Do they really need to take the wall down. I'd rather have a solid wall than a wooden one a student call fall through drunk

17 Feb, 2014


If this building is going to take the light from your garden
you have the right to object to planning permission being granted.

18 Feb, 2014


Scottish...good plan! How can a wall be more of an eyesore than a wooden fence? What a load of rubbish! I'm sorry they're wrecking your new garden Mouldy. :((

18 Feb, 2014


Guys, it's happening.
The fever of the approaching Games, The Homecoming and the Independence vote have seen to that.
They have enough money to choke Mammon and the arrogance of Lucifer.
And if there's consequent damage they'll chuck money at me to ensure the media won't take sides.
It's a win-win situation, as far as the politicians are concerned, as many of them probably suspect their days in control are numbered and the changing of the guard is months away.
Again, no public consultation and, sadly, too few interested. :-(

18 Feb, 2014


i hope things work out for you Mouldy, i live in a student area and they are not to bad, so hopefully you be ok too. all the best mate.

18 Feb, 2014


Oh dear...

Fingers crossed for your plants, Mouldy.

18 Feb, 2014


I hope there is not too much damage to your garden when they start working.

18 Feb, 2014


Oh no, Mouldy, thats awful and just when your garden was looking so nice ! I hope you don't lose any of your plants either ! I agree with Scottish...take pictures !

18 Feb, 2014


Mouldy, that is uphill battle you have, best of look with it. Then you have so called planers over paid twice . To busy playing golf with their developer friends to think about the mess the developers are making out of our lovely green farm land. Where I live in Dublin they have built thousands of apartments with 25% empty. Some had to be evacuated because they are a fire hazard. They are going to demolish , even though they are only 5 years old. They cost the young couples hundreds of thousands to buy. What happened the developers and planners who are employed by the council, you may well ask (NOTHING) Developers have their millions stashed away. Planers get retirement with a golden hand shake. What do we get, a mess and a bill to be paid by taxpayers money, Oh it makes me so mad.

20 Feb, 2014


Its disgusting Johnjoe, and we feel helpless to do anything about it. Its happened in other places too - some flats in Sheffield that won architectural awards were condemned only relatively few years after.

Mouldy its a shame you lose your good solid wall for something that will need replacing in a few years when it blows down or gets kicked in. The world's gone mad.

20 Feb, 2014


Hope things turn out the best for you, M8! It's a crying shame that just when your garden starts to look good someone comes a long & ruins things for you!

20 Feb, 2014


Ach, it's the same all over.
If this continues I'm going to jolly well refuse my next reincarnation! Lol.

21 Feb, 2014


Sorry to hear all this Mouldy your wonderful garden, like Scottish says take the pictures every phase of their work. Good luck mate.

26 Feb, 2014

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