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B&Q disappointment & Old Moor RSPB


I had a lovely stroll around B&Q, as I needed to get my compost.
To my amazement this year it feels they are very much focused on growing your own, which I am glad they are encouraging people to…but charging the earth really frustrates me.
I went to my local garden centre a few weeks ago and purchased a couple on Sankey propagators priced at £24.99,
I have seen the same in B&Q today priced at £39.98.
How can they justify that RRP, when the local garden centre whom I’m sure will not purchase in the same quantities charge £15 less.

Well rant over….got it off my chest.

On to calmer and more tranquil thoughts, a few photos taken last weekend and a couple from the garden this week.

Snowdrop in the garden


Longtail Tit

One of many areas of the nature reserve.



Mallards On The Ice

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Stunning pics, Mrs Melon...
..and thanks for the alert about the B&Q prices...

28 Feb, 2010


Husband took the pictures, keeps him busy and gets us out together.
Was hoping to go to the reserve today but the weather did not look so promising.
Mrs Melon - Debs x

28 Feb, 2010


B&Q are always vastly overpriced, and they change their prices daily!!! Why, I don't never ceases to amaze me!!!! You can get exactly the same items at your local garden centre or market a lot cheaper.

28 Feb, 2010


lovely photos Debs,love the one of the robin but he doesnt look too pleased,maybe he didnt want his pic took..

28 Feb, 2010


Yes, I thought he was looking a bit angry. Perhaps he'd seen the prices at B&Q!

28 Feb, 2010


Those are really beautiful photos - I can see every feather on that robin!

B&Q are very foolish if they charge so much, as people will soon find out and give them a wide berth. I think the group is already in financial trouble, isn't it?

28 Feb, 2010


Not at the moment Spritz (or my job is on the line)!!! but very soon may be at the rate they're going.

28 Feb, 2010


Lovely photos Silverbelle.Just a note..went to b& q the other day and they were asking £5 99 for a tub of mealworms ! Got mine at Wilcos..2 tubs for £4...What ???

28 Feb, 2010


I get very fed up in our branch - they only seem to have one till open, and there's always a queue. That makes for impatience - not just me, either!

28 Feb, 2010


Beautiful pics Mr Melon!!

28 Feb, 2010


I think that applies to all the DIY superstores spritz - well all the ones here at any rate

28 Feb, 2010


Debs, your husband certainly knows how to take photos. As for supermarkets, I've no time for them. The main reason is that the NET profit is never spent locally. Instead it's paid to shareholders all over the world. I'm lucky in that in the local village we have a hardware store that's been there for years. Not only is it considerably cheaper but the assistant knows all about what he sells. Oh and the guy that owns it is a local.

1 Mar, 2010


Ps. Once when I did go into B&Q I had my new puppy tucked under my jacket. I was told by an aggressive security man to leave the store because of my Puppy. Using his big arms (he was fat) he ushered me out. I think it's caller 'customer relations' Now my puppy is fully grown I take him into the local hardware store, the hairdressers, the pub, Doctors, and other places where he's made to feel very welcome. I would NEVER leave him in the car.

1 Mar, 2010


What lovely photos mrsmelon. Very professional looking and beautiful.
As for B & Q, well thats business isn't it? If something becomes popular, then they always put the prices up as far as they can, then if people stop buying, they lower them a bit. Its all about maximising profits, isn't it?
Our only power to alter things is in not buying, but this is difficult if you can't make your own compost.
I wish we had a Wilco's as we have to pay much more for mealworms than that.

1 Mar, 2010

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