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Peace and Quiet!


By nariz


In an attempt to escape the heat, the flies and a village full of VERY LOUD Spanish tourists we headed for the hills and went for a walk in an area we call the “Pretty Valley.” So called because on our first walk there several years ago we were astounded by the various wild flowers, including the Fritillary. It didn’t disappoint this time either – despite the vagiaries of the weather over the past months.

This was the start of our walk – the pretty little church of Piedrasluengas. We moved on across the meadows, heading upwards all the time and came across this little chap on a wonderful violet Field Eryngo.

Looking around we could see the entire meadow was studded with Eryngo, also many other wild flowers that had already stopped blooming at our lower altitude.

A lovely shady nook for hiding or ambushing? Animals, that is – not me!

Out of the climb and onto the upper meadows we could see the peak of ‘Flat Top’ – Pena Labra, and Tres Mares – Three Seas in Spanish – so called because rivers rising there run in three different directions and join other rivers to flow to the Mediterranean, the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic.

The next section of the walk got a little messy underfoot – thanks to these ladies – and gentleman – and their offspring!

We soon moved away from the cattle and upwards into even higher meadows, finding a Woodland Ringlet resting on a rock and a Meadow Brown.

We found a shady grassy spot close to this magnificent ancient oak for our refreshment stop – cheese & plum chutney rolls and a shared apple (shared because it was the last one left and we shop in our town as little as possible due to the swarming tourists!).

Then it was the walk back to the car, the drive down the curly mountain road and back to our quiet village – now quiet because it was siesta time. Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t slam the car door. Creep inside ….. cup of tea …. Aaaah!

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Oooooh! Look lovely and peaceful, what is the insect on the thistle, any idear, Oh! And the pictures of the cows grazing so Mooooving LOL, love the wild flowers & butterflies.
Thanks for showing us Hmmm! Peace :o)
Oh! Did you go in to the Church?
xx Jackie xx

13 Aug, 2012


Lovely pictures. I think you have really captured the essence. Jx

13 Aug, 2012


Thanks ladies, no Jackie, we didn't go in the church - we were focussed on our walk and Partner declares that if he ever stepped onto holy ground he'd vaporise in a second! The bug on the Eryngo is a type of Shield Bug, but I don't know which one - there are hundreds!

13 Aug, 2012


Lovely photos and it's a double edged sword living in a beautiful place because of course tourists want to taste your little piece of paradise! I used to live in a seaside town and the prices in the shops used to go up in the mam quickly retorts to visitors complaining about the prices that if they didn't come in the first place the prices wouldn't go up! A friend recently visited a resort in Egypt and was given a wristband to flash at local vendors so she could buy at locals, not tourist, rates. Free oranges and beer were offered as well! So a friendly welcome from the locals was guaranteed as they weren't paying extra, being subsidised by "wealthy" tourists :-)

13 Aug, 2012


Lol Julie! I took my daughters to Hyde Park years ago and they wanted ice creams from a van vendor who tried to charge me extortionate prices. I was so angry I said "I live here! I'm not a tourist!" and he looked around to see there was no-one around and gave me £1 back AND put sprinkles on the ice creams! Not sure that would happen these days! :o(

14 Aug, 2012


A lovely walk in another part of your lovely area,Nariz..loved those Cows..whatever they did to your footwear ! Lol....great pics,and loved the last one..:o)

14 Aug, 2012


Luckily we had to cross a shallow stream soon after encountering the cows, Bloomer - quick sole-wash opprtunity!

14 Aug, 2012


How very convenient,Nariz! ...Lol.

14 Aug, 2012


Another great "traveller's" blog, Nariz! I love the views you show us. I sometimes see similarities to Cuenca in some of your pictures - but not in this blog!

We will be going to Cuenca in November to see our first Spanish granddaughter born!

25 Aug, 2012


Looking forward to THAT blog, Balcony!

26 Aug, 2012


You could 'make' all sorts of things in imagination from the "Shady Nook" picture - towards bottom right I can 'see' a couple in a close embrace, with rather long , thick arms stretching upwards!!

I love the photo.

26 Aug, 2012


Also in the last picture of the old tree - gorgeous gnarled old tree! I can 'see' a monkey or maybe a man in the branches! Further down to the right a bit, I can 'see' a small child bending over as if looking intently at something!
Then at the bottom - a camel's head perhaps!!!
I'm not doolally by the way! Ha! ;))
It just brings out my imaginative side!

26 Aug, 2012


Um ......... you sure, Shirl? ;o)

26 Aug, 2012


I knew you'd think I was doolally!!! *v*

26 Aug, 2012

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