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Fran! Thank you so much!


By nariz


They arrived a short while ago looking healthy -

I see what you meant about ‘over-packaging!’ I think you must have been taking lessons from my youngest daughter, whose apparent ambition is to use up all the sticky tape in the world!

Anyhoo, full of excitement, I potted them up immediately and thought they would look good with a few of the Muscari blooming around them which, incidentally, are already sprouting, so you had no need to worry about their viability.

Back to that ‘excitement’ I mentioned …. completely forgot – in my excitement – to put gloves on! Now look!

I shall have to spend ages with a nail brush before I can get lunch together!

I wondered if you would like some Osteopermum plants? They look like this after a warm wet Summer:

- and they shine out like little beacons in the sunshine (remember that?) I have several that have self-seeded and are sturdy little plants, and they also go through our quite harsh Winters very well. Let me know and I’ll post them asap.

Thanks again for going to so much trouble. I shall cherish my Carex and my Muscari.

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It's nice to have new plants in the garden isn't it? That grass will look good contrasting with the blue of the muscari.
I note your comment re sticki tape. My mum used to refuse to buy plasters when I was young as I was obsessed and always found the tiniest of cuts which needed covering.
I never wear gloves in the garden - I find it doesn't 'feel' right. Go through lots of jars of hand cream though :)

10 Sep, 2012


Isn't it nice to share our plants :o) I sent 6 lots yesterday, and have a few more to send soon. I love sharing my plants :o)

11 Sep, 2012


Scottish: I start out with gloves, but they get in the way and I'm soon up to my armpits in compost! The garden is often littered with gloves as I suddenly decide to put them on again, can't find where I dumped them, so get another pair - which then get dumped somewhere!
Hywel: Yes, I love to share my plants - and to receive them - especially fuchsia plants! (Thanks Hywel :o))

12 Sep, 2012


sorry, Nariz, I missed this when it first came out. must have been at pc with eyes closed.

glad everything got there ok, and glad Muscari is stronger than I thought it might be.

lol the only way to find out I've not used enough packaging is for something to arrive damaged - could scale down each posting, bit by bit, until one arrives broken, then I'll know I've reached the safe limit, but would rather not take the chance.

Thanks vety much for the offer, but I've got nowhere to put any more plants at the moment - tables are full to overfloweing. lol and if I'm doing it right, will have even less space in future as plants grow.

ps: tip I read years ago: if you rub a bar of soap under your nails, that'll fill the gaps, no room for dirt to get in, and easy to scrub out afterwards. never tried it myself, not having any nails worth spaeking of! but might work.

pps - still got another half-dozen or so Carex babies going spare

14 Sep, 2012


Good tip, Fran - I heard of that one several years ago, but I never remember to do it before I go out into the garden! I only remember when the tips of my fingers are sore from all the scrubbing!

14 Sep, 2012


grins, it's the remembering that's the prob; if you could remember this, you'd remember to put gloves on! I keep a pair of household rubber gloves by my hat, which I always wear outside: can't stand light in my eyes, even a little bit, so that's a reminder for me - except when I put the gloves aside to put on the hat and then forget to put them on!

15 Sep, 2012



15 Sep, 2012

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