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Time is ticking...people are coming !


So for all my family and friends that thought the gardening bug was a five minute wonder I am hoping they will be surprised when they turn up to mine on Saturday for my annual birthday BBQ. I still have 4 evenings and a morning to get mu flower beds ship shape and grass cut, clean out the pondlette and generally make the garden as lush as possible.

I have Chinese lanterns and bunting to hang and cushions and throws to put out.

I am both excited to show everyone what I have done and nervous that the weather won’t hold out.

I have so many blooms in bud that by the weekend it should be a riot of colour. I have dahlias that are just on the edge of opening, various types of daisy and a couple of cheeky aquilegias are still clinging on. Cosmos aren’t looking so happy but I have dead headed so there is still hope yet…one little passion flower has come out for me but there are plenty of buds.

Heaven knows why I am so nervous !

Any advice on last minute sprucing and I am all ears !

Fingers crossed for me you lovely lot that it all comes together!


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Good for you! You'll show em! Dead-heading is a great idea so keep that up. Your Cosmos will pick up eventually. They never do much for me before mid-july at the earliest. I have some yellow aquilegias that flower all summer long. And some of them have the loveliest scent. Aquilegia chrysantha and Aquilegia longissima. it sounds like you have loads of colour going on and a great party space too! Have a great birthday and don't think about dieting on Saturday! - thats my advice! :) x about a bubble machine!! I saw one today in Sainsbys and was dying to buy it, but had no excuse...although I did suggest the dog might like it...but that didn't convince OH! Lol..everyone loves bubbles!

27 Jun, 2017


Wow, how you have done it in the time I can't think! Have a fabulous party - you deserve it, and I hope the guests are all really impressed!

27 Jun, 2017


well done on your efforts.
best trick I've seen to 'improve' first impression is to cut the grass and then edges of the grass so there is a 'crisp' edge to the grass.

dead heading is also a quick and effiecient tidy task.

your nervous because you know they wont expect you to have stuck at it but you have so the nerves become excitement. happy bday for then too. :o)

27 Jun, 2017


Can we have some pictures? Enjoy yor birthday party and take a moment to enjoy, admire and be proud of what you've achieved!

27 Jun, 2017


Many happy returns for then :-). I'm sure it will all go well and your family and friends will be really impressed with what you have achieved. Us cancerians are home people, home is important to us and I'm sure you have done everything to make it perfect for your guests. But make sure you enjoy your party and forget the diet and have a big slice of cake :-).

Karen, you are so right about bubble machine. My dogs love bubbles. You can get bubbles for dogs in some pet shops. They are flavoured and really strong bubbles. I have to do them in the garden as, when popped, they leave a residue but they tire out, running around trying to pop all the bubbles.

28 Jun, 2017


I also cut the grass,makes the garden look lovely,you have worked so hard,well done,have a lovely birthday.

28 Jun, 2017


Hope you have a lovely time. Make sure you enjoy it as well. I agree with Seaburngirl, when the grass is cut and the edging done it makes everything look really good. And yes pictures would be great when you get the time!

28 Jun, 2017


Thank you lovelies :)

28 Jun, 2017


It all sounds wonderful I am sure it will all go well for you and fingers crossed for good weather for you? pictures please on the day ⚘?? happy birthday ???

28 Jun, 2017


Good luck ! Enjoy your birthday. I hope you have lots of cards and nice gifts :)

28 Jun, 2017


Lawns are being cut and edged tonight, raking the flower beds and filling the paper lanterns with lights ready to string up Saturday morning....the suns set to make an appearance Saturday so I'll take lots of photos and post them. Thank you for all your kind and supportive words. It's so nice to talk to people who get my green fingered bug ! :)

29 Jun, 2017

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