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A walk around the garden.


By pamd


Our garden is a funny shape, triangular really, with this hedge bordering a main road, the garden, sitting about five feet up from the road, sitting on a wall. The hedge used to be a mixture of very old shrubs that had succumbed to Ivy, and after the council asking us to keep it under control a couple of times, Ivy being Ivy, it had to go.

At the moment there are only these sickly pink ones in flower, with other colours to come. Also there are the sasanqua species which flower in the Autumn. They can be found in my pictures.

Below is part of the gravel garden, looking tatty at the moment.

Next, what looks like a well is a sump, containing a pump for our little stream that is supposed to run through the garden, but we still have problems with it. Or, I should say (Hamerylis) does. The stream has a leak somewhere.

Anyway, the next photo’s are just a few plants in flower at the moment with this following one to plant in my white garden. I already have one but didn’t want to split it just yet, saw this nice healthy one and thought, why not.

Ypsolandra Thibetica.

Red Pieris.

Crocus Ard Schenk

Iris Katherine Hodgekins

Crocus Prins Claus

One of my experiments of trying Hellebores in a basket to view from underneath.
Hellebore Party Dress

I hope you like some of the pictures. Pam.
P.S I’ll tell you about the other end of the garden another time.

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I enjoyed the walk around your garden, Pam.
Good idea to try to see the Hellebores from below...

Lovely Crocus in flower
Seems like the ivy was a problem..
Best to lose it... :o)

24 Feb, 2010


I took a very relaxing stroll thank you.

24 Feb, 2010


So much 2 see in your Garden Pam :) Thanx 4 the Tour it was Lovely :)

24 Feb, 2010


One of my favourite plants is the Pieris, and to see a pink one is so unusual. I liked the garden tour, and look forward to seeing the other end of the garden.

24 Feb, 2010


The Ivy was a nightmare TT but it used to flower & berry so well. The bees loved it, almost getting drunk on it :o)))

24 Feb, 2010


lovely adventure walking round your garden. your plants are very pretty. Sue x

24 Feb, 2010


Ivy can be great in the right place, can't it - but not where the Council will 'tell you off'!! Lots of interesting things going on - and we've got another episode to come? :-))

25 Feb, 2010


Silverbelle, it's worth looking out for the pink/red Pieris, I was surprised it has started to flower already.
Spritz, the next episode may be a little while, at the moment it's a real mess, I suppose I could do before & after.

25 Feb, 2010


I liked the idea with the Hellibore it would be nice to see them from a hanging basket, lovely crocus as well.

25 Feb, 2010


Yes Mavis, but I'm not sure if they will go from year to year in a container. :o(

25 Feb, 2010


Pamd that was interesting. What a brilliant idea to grow the Hellebore that that, for the reason you said. I too wonder whether it could be like that permanently. Well worth a try though.
Yes, before and after would be a good idea.

25 Feb, 2010


Nice walk round the garden Pamd, especially liked your crocus and the hellebore. We find ivy is a nightmare in our hedges and it grows up the trees next door and blocks the light to parts of the garden. T is going to sever its stems on the trees this spring and pull as much as possible off.

25 Feb, 2010


enjoyed seeing your garden pam, lovely pics, nice close-up on last pic to :o))

25 Feb, 2010


Thanks Mad, Homebird & Sanbaz

25 Feb, 2010


great garden Pamd look forward to see it in summer

6 Mar, 2010


Thank you Gummib, you may have noticed , we have no lawn, it's a cottage garden, everything is a bit of a jumble.

7 Mar, 2010


Your garden is typical cottage ---- I love it, especially the photo with the well in it, gorgeous !

25 Mar, 2010


you have a lovely garden!

8 May, 2010


Thank you Suey

10 May, 2010

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