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By pamd


I had every good intention this afternoon to have a good clear up. Boots on ~ Gloves on ~

So, I started off weeding out this horrible little weed we get here in Cornwall. It grows just about everywhere in gravel, in borders, tops of pots, you can pull it up like a mat, a real pest.

Another weed we get, although quite pretty is Toadflax. Here you can see it even climbs up walls. It has a pretty little mauve flower & you can actually buy!! A white one.

I had someone keeping an eye on me all the while.

Just as I was getting into the swing of things I heard this droning sound, which I knew was either the air ambulance, or, as I looked out towards the coast was an air & sea rescue helicopter.

It did dip out of sight for awhile, and hovered for awhile, over the sea, but then just took off. So thankfully I think it was just a practice manoeuvre.
But, by then the sun was going down & I was getting rather chilly, also hubby had made a most welcome cup of tea.
Gardening over for today.
Just heard the weather forecast of severe storm conditions, so no gardening tomorrow. Oh Well .:o(((

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lots of good work here pamd. we have had rain continuously all day that has turned to sleet.
lovel to see your beautiful blue sky.

26 Feb, 2010


I recognise that weed! I can't remember it's name but it had been planted in my old garden and I was for EVER pulling it up! like you say, it comes up as a mat. Does it have a little purple flower with a hint of yellow inside? I believe it is an alpine but in my old garden it was definitely a weed!

26 Feb, 2010


I'm glad yo had a nice day for being outside. I had toadflax in my previous gardens but it doesn't grow here. I miss it lol :o)

26 Feb, 2010


I just couldn't handle that wind - we had sun/rain/sun/rain all day - and the wind was awful. I worked in the greenhouse - it was hopeless outside.

That blue sky - wonderful! :-)))

26 Feb, 2010


I think the weather has reached us, it's terrific wind & rain this evening :o(((
I'll have to send you some toadflax Hywel.
KS I've never noticed a flower on this weed, there is a name to it but cann't remember.
Hope you got a lot done in the greenhouse Spritz. I hadn't taken much notice of the sky untill you all said, but it was quite pleasant to work in.

26 Feb, 2010


good start to the season Pamd. no rain here today ..but we had a cold north easterly i cleaned up the tool shed ,,,again....

26 Feb, 2010


Would you come & do ours Sandra lol :o)

27 Feb, 2010


Hope the weather isn't too bad for you-- the bbc weather man said sunday would be "grim" for all of us :-(

27 Feb, 2010


Well Pam, the sun's out again, been a lot of rain in the night though, fingers crossed. :o))

27 Feb, 2010


Rained alday here yesterday.

27 Feb, 2010


Sounds like you had a good day on the 26th.
Howard Hughes wanted clouds in the sky to set off his movies of moving aeroplanes, but in your third helicopter picture it is the machine that sets off the beautiful sky.

6 Mar, 2010


I hadn't thought of it like that Gurthbruins.

6 Mar, 2010

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