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Dipladenia on my terrace

Dipladenia on my terrace (Dipladenia)

This plant has flowered all summer and has more flowers than ever now. It is amazing. I hope I can preserve it overwinter so that it does as well next year. Any suggestions welcome.

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Its a Beauty Chrispook,I Doubt it will survive Here..

10 Sep, 2008


I know I will need to bring it indoors. It will not stand frost. I'm not sure if it has any other specific needs.

10 Sep, 2008


Never heard of this Chris but beautiful so wont enjoy wet summers and cold winters - guess I ll just have to hope yours survives to see more of it. Thanks for sharing I love it.

10 Sep, 2008


very pretty

11 Sep, 2008


Here in the States, we call them mandevilla vines, and unfortunately they don't make pretty houseplants, but can be overewintered inside.
As the nights begin to cool off the Mandevilla will slow down. That is the time to give them some food to harden them up for the long winter.
Try to use a liquid fertilizer with a high middle number e.g. 10-56-14, (Lightly) since you can cause fertilizer burn. We are not trying to promote growth but to toughen the plant up. Don’t go over board with the fertilizer; let the plant stay outside as long as possible. It should be able to handle high 40’s for brief periods.
After about 3 weeks (if you can hold out that long weather permitting) prune the plant back. Not just tipping the plant, but cutting it down to about 12 inches above the soil line. I would also treat this vining plant for any possible pests probelms since it will be going indoors for the winter.
Next we want to begin slowing up on the water and let the plant run on the dry side. Remember that we have given the plant some fertilizer and removed a lot of growth so the requirements for water should drop.
When you bring the plant inside place it in as much light as possible. You are looking for maintenance not growth. You'll probably get some quick new growth, just try to maintain it. Some people place the plant in a clear plastic bag and over winter their Mandevilla in their heated garage
When spring comes you can move the plant outside. Expect the growth produced during the winter to be burned off by the sun !!!
I have a friend who overwinters my in a cold greenhouse that he keeps about 50 degrees faren. throughout the winter. Hope this helps and I hope to see some beautiful pics of it next year !

12 Sep, 2008


Thanks for all the advice. It's a big help. The night temps are dropping and next week a big drop is forecast. It may have to come in sooner than I thought if high 40's is the lower limit.

13 Sep, 2008


This is awesome. I'd LOVE to have one of these in my garden.

15 Sep, 2008



This is a very common outdoor landscape vine in San Diego, CA. They are of very easy culture. They are pretty hardy and will tolerate temperatures down to at least 40 degrees F and probably lower to 33 degrees F.(without frost) as long as it is only for a short period, and the day temperatures are around 65 degrees F. However, indoors I think they may be subjected to spider mites, or mealy bugs.
Also, they should be placed by a bright window as they need high-light-levels.

15 Sep, 2008


So beautiful Chris! I am so greatful for all the tips and advise you got on this beautiful plant as this was the number 1 plant on my wish list that I was going to purchase next year. After reading all of this I don't think it would be a good choice for my balcony gardening. It is so beautiful but think I'd better pass on this one for me! Thanks all you GOY'ers!

16 Sep, 2008


its a very impressive plant. have never see it before. wish you the best of luck in overwintering it

17 Sep, 2008

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