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My trip to the garden centre


By pip_c


I feel like I need a ♪jingle♪ to go with it… Flori where are you?

So I went to the garden centre on Wednesday. First of all I bought some seeds….

And this nice Callistemon that I had my eye on….. check out the hot pink flowers on the tag!

I usually go past the potted colour… I prefer to grow my own from seed… but this Sweet William was such a gorgeous colour that I couldn’t walk past it.

And here’s another impulse buy: Aquilegia ‘Songbird’…..

it set me back $20 but it looks great all potted up next to the lavender!

Finally I got this little dancer – but the head fell off as I was taking it out of the car…. (don’t worry – mum kindly fixed it for me)

She now greets us as we walk in the door, safe in a nest of Boston fern..

But we are forgetting the most important thing – does Frances approve of the purchases?

Looks like it’s unanimous then ;o)))))))))

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An extra prize to anyone who spotted my shadow (with camera) in pic 2!!

24 Sep, 2010


Your lovely pics of your purchases are dwarfed by 'Frances' totally irresistible lol

24 Sep, 2010


♪You and your shadow♪ Lol.

Well done on great choices from the garden centre ...
... glad to know the dancer has undergone a major surgery repair ;o)

Frances looks lovely in the pic. :o)

24 Sep, 2010


I'm always doing the shadow thing or getting my feet in the pic! Nice plants Pip and a gorgeous shot of Frances :-))

24 Sep, 2010


We all aprove lol :o)

24 Sep, 2010



24 Sep, 2010


Thanks Heron, Terra, Annella, Hywel and Lishy :o)
I managed to get my hand in a pic once! it's on one of my blogs...

24 Sep, 2010


I didn't notice the shadow because I was looking at the plant! Could miss Frances ithough, she is gorgeous.

24 Sep, 2010


lovely blog thank you

24 Sep, 2010


That Aquilegia is a real stunner Pip. I'm looking forward to seeing all these in situ.

24 Sep, 2010


Thanks Gee, Donnah and Peony :o) The Aquilegia is definitely a stunner.... i wasn't planning on buying it but I think it's $20 well spent :o)))

25 Sep, 2010


Hi Pip, lovely blog and pics, did you actually pay twenty dollars for aquilegia songbird? I bought one of these this spring from Malvern, very pretty, but I've decided not to tell you how much I paid. Thinking about it though...I don't know what twenty Australian dollars is worth in pounds lol:-) Don't forget to BAT over tomorrow to Malvern for a cuppa with Flori and me:-)

25 Sep, 2010


Love all your purchases Pip especially the Aqueliega and of course I cant leave out the adorable Frances can I ;0)

25 Sep, 2010


can you take Frances into the garden centre? my Lucy has been coming with me for years and totally loves it - she wasn't so sure the first time though when she suddenly spotted a very realistic plastic duck on a big pond below a water fall and startled everyone by doing her "emergency!! there's and emergency here" bark and giving it a very wide berth until I introduced them - caused great hilarity =))

25 Sep, 2010


Thanks Ba :o) have no idea what 20 bucks is in pounds... will look it up for you.....
It's 12 pounds - I don't think that's cheap....
Thanks Carole and Cate - i expect you could take Frances in - but have never needed to. Funny story ;o)

26 Sep, 2010's dear:-)

28 Sep, 2010


Bummer.... ah well that's life..... how much do you pay for aussie natives over there ??

28 Sep, 2010


I bought a callistemon for about £3 on Ebay, but it didn't flower this year, though it's not a bad size now:-)

28 Sep, 2010


Lovely blog Pip. Nice purchases, although I don't think I'd have paid £12 for Aquilegia, but then if you liked it, it wasn't expensive. Hi Frances! Lovely to see you. :o))

28 Sep, 2010


My callistemon was $14... 8.5 pounds..... Anyone got a spare room over there? I think I'm coming to live in England ;o)))))
Thanks Linda... I agree with you and Frances says 'woof'

29 Sep, 2010


On your blog, I thought I'd mingle, you said you required a jingle,
though I wracked my brain, until it really hurt.
Thought I'd add some kind of ditty, try and make it oh so witty,
and add in your buys to really make it work!
Your Callistemon is amazing, and a smile that you were raising,
as your shadow slipped into your picture too,
Nigella and your Aster, and Dianthus you just had ta,
Sweet William flashed his smile just there for you!
And as to your Aquilegia, now that really is a feature,
(bet you thought I'd struggle finding that to rhyme),
but here we are, your mad mate Flori, who is quite the Poet Lauri,
struggles not,such ingenuity I find!
We've got Franny centre stage, posing here upon your page,
looking oh so gorgeous, getting in upon the act.
And a fairy got the chop, after buying from the shop.
but good old mum, rushed in, and now she is intact.
Hope you had a great day shopping,
those plants and seeds will soon be popping,
to brighten up your garden in a bit...
My jingle/ditty is now ending, to my Aussie friend I'm sending,
this across the Pond, and back to my good mate, Pip! Ta da! Tee hee hee!

30 Sep, 2010


you are sooo good Flori!!

Pip what fascinated me are ' mr fothergill' seeds I wonder who he was I thought he was english , maybe his cousin emigrated to you!!!
lovely plants that you bought-- maybe your aquelegia is bigger than Ba's ;o)))

30 Sep, 2010


Love it Flori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ;o)))))))
Thanks Pam

1 Oct, 2010


haha think bevtuk over ur blog pip , but sure you wont mind lol shes so gud isent she . bet u carnt wait to pot up , think theres a bit of a poet in there some were . ;o)))))

3 Oct, 2010


Bev can take over my blog ANY TIME Cristina lol :o)

4 Oct, 2010


Cristina, as if I would hi-jack Pip's blog! She told me off in my blog for not posting a ditty/jingle on here, so I was only correcting an oversight, honest!!!!
Am glad it made you all smile though, my world is a little brighter for it... :~))X

5 Oct, 2010



6 Oct, 2010



11 Oct, 2010

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