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My cactus......horrid picture attached taken on my iPad.....needs repotting. This is mainly due to the fact it has become unstable in it's pot and can be quite nasty if it should topple over. My question is....should I repot it now? Infact does it make any difference what time of year you a repot cactus as long as it is not in flower? By the way I stop watering it at the end of October and start again in March. Is this correct?




We have a member called Hywel, if he doesn't see this I suggest that you put his name into the search box, failing that you could pm him

11 Dec, 2013


I'd repot that straight away, before it topples on to someone. It looks dangerous.
I'd put it in a clay pot, where it wouldn't be so top heavy.
You are watering it the correct way :o)

11 Dec, 2013


Hywel ... what size of pot would be best ?

11 Dec, 2013


It looks as tall as mine, and I have it in a 10 inch pot - you need a big enough pot for it not to be top heavy.
And a clay pot which will also be more difficult to topple over.

12 Dec, 2013


Useful info and advice :o)))

12 Dec, 2013



12 Dec, 2013


Thanks for all the advice....I will repot soon.

13 Dec, 2013

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