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Happy 2014 everybody - ID please - if poss!

Kincardineshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello All! Hope I am not too late to wish you all a very Happy New Year and that 2014 is a great gardening one for you - individually and collectively.
Now then - can you help identify this plant please.
My son sent me this pic from the Atacama Desert last week - hopeful of ID .... to me - it looks a bit like a "blue rock rose" - if such a thing exists....LOL
Any suggs would be more than welcome - please and thank you ...!
PS meant to say - it is a low-growing scrubby bush - which grows in THE most inhospitable ground in the desert....but appears to flourish there - and nowhere else was it seen - eek!




could it be Pata de guanaco (Cistanthe grandiflora)??

4 Jan, 2014


Happy New Year to you, also, Alzheimer. Got over Hogmany, have we ;-)
I think that your plant could be Pata de Guanaco, or Cistanthe litoralis. The blue/ purple colour is variable in the pictures that I can pull up on the web and so can match the colour of your picture.
The Atacama Desert is in Chile and also known as the Flowering Desert. It is normally arid but after particularly wet weather opens up into a mass of colour - sounds wonderful. Have they recently had wet weather, Altzheimer?

4 Jan, 2014


Snap, Catty!!!!

4 Jan, 2014


Happy New Year Alzheimer and Best Wishes for 2014..
Sorry cannot help with ID its very pretty though....

4 Jan, 2014


Happy 2014 Alzheimer !
I've added this to GoYpedia Desert Plants :o)

4 Jan, 2014


Now then - as ever - "ask and ye shall receive"....LOL
What a bunch of erudite gardeners you lot are....and no, there had not been any rain recently in the Atacama desert when they were there.... Hence it was a lonely plants sitting all by itself by the roadside apparently!
Gordon and his wife Ella are great mountaineers and had been up-and-down various of the highest peaks in the country - not for the first time I may add and purely for pleasure... Mad fools..LOL Anyway when he sees any unusual plant that he doesn't recognise he always send me a pic - hopeful of an ID
On this occasion he sent me two pics.... The other one being of wonderful jacaranda trees which are used widely apparently as street trees in South America as well as Australasia. Happily I recognised the jacaranda and could identify it straightaway.
This plant of course had me totally fooled and so I thank you all for your help in identifying it..... I shall email him the info as soon as he returns from his latest trip - somewhere on the eastern seaboard of Canada!!
What it is to have energy - and to think that he will be 65 this year too...eek!
Thanks again everybody..... And thank you to for all your kind wishes. Sadly I am not as mobile as I used to be and gardening is not the be all and end all nowadays apart from my sitootery!
Yours aye
Alz x

4 Jan, 2014



4 Jan, 2014


If those are the leaves in the background, and the plant is growing near the coast, it is likely that it is a species of Calandrinia, maybe C. grandiflora.

8 Jan, 2014

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