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Resilient Cacti


By hywel


My cacti and succulents had to manage without any attention at all from August until the end of October, because of circumstances beyond my control, but I knew they’d be all right until the situation improved and I was able to water them again because they are so resilient and able to withstand much abuse and neglect.

Yet they have such diverse shapes and sizes they are so interesting, and their flowers always remind me of jewels …

Some of the earliest flwering ones are the Rebutias, which are native to Bolivia and Argentina, where they form small clumps on the slopes of the Andes mountains …

Rebutia senilis :-

Rebutia heliosa :-

Rebutia minuscula :-

Rebutia muscula :-

Here are some other species from the central part of South America.

Echinopsis subdenudata :-

Echinopsis chacoana :-

Echinopsis arachnacantha :-

Parodia crassigibbus :-

Parodia veenianus :-

Gymnocalycium baldianum :-

Gymnocalycium ambatoense :-

Weingartia neocummingii :-

Lobivia culpensis :-

Neoporteria grows in the Atacama desert in Chile :-


Many cacti are native to Mexico …
One of the largest genera is Mammillaria, with over 200 known species.
Some of them are protected by law because they are so rare.

The flowers of the Mammillarias form rings around the tops of the plants :-

Mammillaria pseudoperbella :-

Mammillaria grahamii :-

Mammillaria hahniana :-

Mammillaria perez de la rosa :-

Mammillaria polythele, with a berry :-

Mammillaria bocasana :-

Here are some more Mexican cacti :)

Echinocereus pulchellus :-

Echinocereus rubispina :-

Acanthocalycium violaceum :-

Astrophytum coahuilense :-

Astrophytum myriostigma :-

Thelocactus bicolor :-

Stenocactus vaupelianus :-

Stenocactus hastatus :-

I could never be without my cacti :o)

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30 Nov, 2015


They are lovely Hywel so bright and beautiful whenever I see them in the Garden Centres they never look as good as yours, when at one in Cheshire last week with my daughter she said "I know not a patch on Hywels"!! :o)

30 Nov, 2015


I am not even going to try and pronounce some of those names, if I ever get flowers on mine I'll be shouting from the rooftops Hywel, in the meantime I will admire yours and hope, another one for my faves, thankyou for showing and naming them.....

30 Nov, 2015


They are all amazing

30 Nov, 2015


Such wonderful colours and textures, Hywel. You must know just how to nurture them, so no wonder they thrive and flourish!

30 Nov, 2015


Blow your mind don't they? No wonder you are hooked on them. Pick of the bunch to day is that Astrophytum with black tips to the petals - very unusual.

30 Nov, 2015


No wonder you love them so much Hywel, they are like little jewels. Please can I ask, do you have to provide a lot of heat for them in the winter months?

30 Nov, 2015


Hywel they are all stunning what a range of colours and they all look so healthy I especially like the Echinopsis arachnacantha - what a delicate colour - thankyou for sharing - Jane

30 Nov, 2015


Absolutely breathtaking Hywel.

1 Dec, 2015


Stunning jewels of the earth you so lucky Hywel to get so many flowering.

1 Dec, 2015


What a wonderful blog Hywel. Glad to see you back.

1 Dec, 2015


Thanks for all your comments.

Waddy, they are best kept cold and dry (but frost free) in the winter. It makes them flower better :)

2 Dec, 2015


wow had soo many flowers...wonderful..

3 Dec, 2015


Thank you Sandra. They seem to thrive on neglect :)

3 Dec, 2015


Thanks Hywel, perhaps it's a plant I might give a try, yours look so beautiful.

3 Dec, 2015


You might enjoy them Waddy. I think everyone should have at least one cactus (but I am biased lol !)

3 Dec, 2015


Amazing how such small plants can produce such wonderfully diverse & enchanting flowers! I particularly like the iridescence on some of the flowers!

I had some Mammillaria growing in some half pots in Spain that look like your Mammillaria bocasana. They had cream coloured flowers & produced lots of long red fruits after flowering. I no longer have photos of them though there might be some on my hard disk on the computer that died months ago. I no longer have access to them though so I can't check. I may still have some photos on paper but who knows where they have got to!

3 Dec, 2015


Thanks Balcony :)
Shame about your photos ......

4 Dec, 2015


Thank you. I hope your Mamms will flower one day :)

5 Dec, 2015


Are there any you would suggest to start me off Hywel? Sorry to be a pest.

5 Dec, 2015


Beautiful selection of cacti there Hywel. They have such vibrantly coloured flowers but they don't last long do they. We used to have a small collection of cacti but we gave them away through lack of space. I used to feed mine in the early spring. The prickles on some of them are a bit nasty.

5 Dec, 2015


Thank you both :)

Waddy, a Mammillaria or a Rebutia would be good to start with. They usually flower easily :)
You're not a pest. I'm the pest because I never stop prattling on about cacti :D lol

Linda, they are just like roses - they can spike you sometimes but I forgive them :)

6 Dec, 2015


I remember the spikes Hywel......and when I re-potted them I wrapped them in newspaper first then tipped the pot upside down to get them out.

7 Dec, 2015


Thank you :)

7 Dec, 2015


Oh my goodness me Hywel, they are just simply stunning, I love them all, such diversity, no wonder you love them so much, you do them justice with your beautiful photographs...

13 Dec, 2015


Thank you Dottydaisy :)
They are pretty but there's another reason why I like them.
I see that you've read my next blog about cacti, and that reason will become apparent in the 2nd part of the story :)

13 Dec, 2015



19 Dec, 2015


Thank you Junna :)

19 Dec, 2015

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