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My tiny walled garden is generally sunbaked but one area receives sun only in the very late afternoon for about 2 hours. We are undergoing renovations and I would like to plant low growing herbs and pretty ground cover plants in this area.I would welcome any suggestions about what will grow. The area is about 10 feet by 2 feet. Thanks



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14 Jan, 2014


I have lots of shade so have a look at the list of plants that I grow. I personally love ferns and they come in a range of sizes and shades of green as well as other colours. ground cover favourite is a small limey green leafed plant Mitella.

14 Jan, 2014


I note you mention herbs, but I can't think of one herb which doesn't prefer full sun, unfortunately. Have a look at the Shade plants section, but a few suggestions (along with the ferns mentioned by Seaburngirl) are Sarcococca, Ruscus, Prunus Otto Luyken, Mahonia aquifolium, Skimmia, primula/primrose/polyanthus, campanula muralis, Ajuga reptans, Tiarella, Tolmeia, Lamium maculatum varieties, japanese Anemone, and if its dampish, Astilbe.

15 Jan, 2014


Is it worth, before you put in loads of lovely groundcover, popping in a couple of clematis to take advantage of the shady bottoms? Sounds like a Carry On film... but if you've got walls in sun and soil in shade it could be an ideal partnership.
Then if it were me I'd add evergreen epimediums, oriental hellebores and heucheras.

15 Jan, 2014


Brunnera Jack Frost for green and white variegated leaves.
Some pulmonarias have variegated leaves too. P. Blue Ensign doesn't, but it has gorgeous blue flowers.

15 Jan, 2014


Lemon balm will take quite a lot of shade, as will mint. Try Hellebores underplanted with hardy Cyclamen.

16 Jan, 2014


Thank you everyone. Seems such a lovely lot to choose from

16 Jan, 2014

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