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Tel Aviv, Israel

hi I'm working on a project based in Ireland the theme of the project is to produce an edible garden for the public, living in Ireland, besides apple, pear and plum trees, and the berries of the forests, is there anything else you guys can think off that would be practicle for such a space, you can include vegetables too, just remember the idea is that the public can just pick and eat, so any food that involves preperation is no good. The sight is open, the only thing you have to consider is that it is in Ireland, so it's a bit cold.



lambs lettuce doesn't seem to mind the cold - in fact needs a bit. Spring onions can be eaten once the outer skin is peeled back

29 Sep, 2008


I have nasturtiums in my front garden and passers-by always ask me if I have tried them in a salad. I never have but I am told I should because they have an interesting peppery flavour.

29 Sep, 2008


How about a few raspberry canes for next summer and a raised bed with strawberries, rhubarb should grow well with your climate too, and maybe some runner beans and broad beans would do well. You could inter plant with tagetes and marigolds, to keep the white fly and aphids down.

29 Sep, 2008


cool that's great advice, i will take it all on board, thank you

29 Sep, 2008


Well! fuchsias have edible berries after the flowers, and edible fruit comes in good summers on Feijoa sellowiana(pineapple guava, evergreen grey foliage, sun) and Holboellia (scented white, evergreen, vigorous climber, part shade) All of the bean families can be eaten raw, as can mange tout, then baby carrots, gherkins and cucumbers, even asparagus if picked young. How about some Lemon verbena to make a fruity tea in the garden, and mint, and basil........

29 Sep, 2008


You have to include some herbs.
Myrhis odorata (sweet cicely) has licorice flavoured seed pods. Chives are always worth a nibble. Calendula flowers are edible as are nasturtiums and sweet violets. Any room for a small tree? Cornus mas produces edible cherry like fruit in the autumn and if you could find a corner with a little shelter and a lot of sun you could grow a kiwi. There is a self pollinating one so you would only need the one.

29 Sep, 2008


White, red or blackcurrants. How about blueberries (they need acidic soil so put them in containers in ericaceous soil if that's not the case).

Possibly french sorrel for its tart, lemony leaves (I don't like them but some might want to try). Italian parsley or curly if you want it for edging. Garlic chives are only mildly garlicky, flower at a different time to chives and are quite attractive, so I think it's worth including both kinds. Red orach is quite ornamental and has slightly salty, spinachy leaves. Bronze or ordinary fennel. The yellow-variegated kind of lemon balm. Some of these have reputations as big self-seeders, although I have only experience that with plain green lemon balm and if you keep cutting it back, it won't flower.

30 Sep, 2008


Thanj you all, for all your answers they have been very helpful, I will put your advice to good use, thank you

1 Oct, 2008

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