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How to transfer my pictures !


Help !! I am tearing my hair out trying to sort my new garden pictures out. I have a Google Chromebook now which is brilliant apart from the fact that it is different to my last computer. I have put my pictures in and file numbers come up, but not all of them are there. I don’t know how to transfer them into an album as there is no side panel and no desk top to refer to.
I really want to show our new garden as it is now and what it will be like when I have landscaped it.
I hope one of you can help me !

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Sorry I can't help but I usually search on youtube and more often than not there is someone showing you step by step what you need to do.

18 Jan, 2019


Rose, I am going to ask my IT support (daughter) on your behalf and will get back to you asap!

18 Jan, 2019


I'm so glad you two have been helpful as I am completely clueless...hope you manage to solve it Rose. xx Looking forward so much to seeing your photos :)

18 Jan, 2019


PM on the way to you .....

19 Jan, 2019


Hope you've got it sorted Rose, as I would be absolutely no use whatsoever!

20 Jan, 2019


Nor would I :( lol
I hope you can sort it out soon Rose ...

21 Jan, 2019


Well...I have managed to find my files and to put them in an album, Shirley, Waddy and Hywel, but don't know how to get them onto goy as the pictures don't come up with a file number !

22 Jan, 2019


Oh what a shame Rose, have you tried looking for help on YouTube as Hb suggested? The local library or college may know the answer . . .

23 Jan, 2019


I went on YouTube Shirley , but that didn't help, so will try going to the local computer shop.

23 Jan, 2019


I hope you get some help soon Rose ... technology can be a pain at times!

23 Jan, 2019


Rather than saving your photos to your computer with the original file numbers why don't you give each photo a meaningful name? That's what I've been doing for years. I also make sure they are all in the right folders that way when I want to upload a picture I know where to find it on my computer in a matter of moments!

The only thing is that you need to do this every time you put your photos on the computer otherwise you may find yourself with 100s of pictures that have meaningless file numbers!

23 Jan, 2019


Thanks Balcony, the files came up without me doing anything and I have made a start getting them into an album, but when I click on "pictures" to send them to goy, no file number comes up with the picture and the only thing that happens is when I click on the picture , it just expands and it won't do anything else. My last computer had folders in a gallery , but this chrome book doesn't. It really is frustrating !

25 Jan, 2019


Sorry to hear you still haven't got it sorted out yet, Rose. 😞

I wish I could be of more help but as I have a desktop computer I'm afraid I can't help.😞

26 Jan, 2019

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