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For Wild Rose promised !


Hello all my goy friends, I am at last putting pictures of the main garden which is now finished !
Its been too good a summer to go on my laptop !
So..will start from looking through to the garden from the rose garden.

Now going into the garden and on the right is the perennial border..


Now we are walking round the garden to the herbaceous border with lots of lupins (which actually didn’t get eaten or the dreaded lupin aphid ) and many hydrangeas, ( can’t resist buying more !)

We will take a walk back towards the archways stopping to look at Graham Thomas Rose and two new ones this year called Strawberry Hill which considering I only sent for it in the early spring is doing really well and has a gorgeous perfume. Can definitely recommend this one!

Not quite sure why this rose isn’t the right way up as it is in my picture !
Walking through the second arch which goes into the rose garden . Considering I lifted them all from Laceby , they have all done really well !

I put all my clematis in pots on the fence which have flowered well too!

So..we will leave this area now and go into the back way which is my favourite area for sitting and reading !
My son and daughter in law bought me a swing seat for me for my 70th birthday in July. Trouble is, when I get sat on it, I sometimes nod off and hubby often calls me to see if we are eating today ! Hahaa! You see, I don’t sit there until after 4pm when all gardening is done !

You can just see it in the back ground.
The rest of the pictures are of the back way which I am trying to make it, eventually into a green oasis Still more plants to buy though !


I hope you have enjoyed this little walk round my garden.
Now for the front !

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Hello Rose..
What changes you have made....a lovely tour around your garden...was only thinking about you recently wondering where you have disappeared to,but looking at the garden,I can see you have been very busy.

24 Sep, 2019


Wow Rose! What a beautiful garden and fantastic transformation. I had Strawberry Hill in my last garden. I agree...gorgeous! And I seem to have caught the Hydrangea bug as well this year. Yours look beautiful. Ah...summer...all gone now...:( But we must go on and think about Spring bulbs next, and prepare for the dark months ahead.

24 Sep, 2019


It Was a pleasure to walk round your garden Rose it's delightful and so much colour you could almost smell those fabulous roses ,well done ...

24 Sep, 2019


Rose, many thanks for all these lovely photos. Your garden definitely has your joyful personality throughout it and your love of plants shines through.

Your Graham Thomas Rose is beautiful and your clematis have settled in really well.

The swing seat was the perfect present - well done you for staying awake until 4pm by the way!!

24 Sep, 2019


It's amazing, so much colour and what an achievement in such a short time. I hope you have neighbours who appreciate your beautiful garden.

25 Sep, 2019


Gosh what an amazing amount of work!! you have been busy, a real credit to you, lots of lovely colour, and perfume....... beautiful (✿ ♡‿♡)

25 Sep, 2019


I have really enjoyed walking with you. I love seeing others gardens. thank you for sharing.

25 Sep, 2019


Hello Julia, I am pleased you enjoyed the little walk. Apart from gardening and looking after Rick who had yet another operation in the summer, we have moved near the coast and have spent many days walking with Rick in the wheel chair up and down the prom.
Thank you for your comments.

Thank you Karen! I don't think the photos showed the beauty of the hydrangeas. I should have took photos when they were in full colour. My new Annabel went over very early too, but maybe next year it will do better !
Don't want to talk about winter ! Brrr!

Thank you Amy. They all have a lovely perfume, but the best is the Zephrine Drouhn but unfortunately didn't do so well after being lifted from the other garden.

Hello Chris. I did say I would put the photos on, didn't I !
Until having the swing seat, if we weren't going down the prom, I would have been working until I had to make the tea ! I have sent you a p.m. I don't think you can have seen it yet ! Hope to hear from you soon ! xxx

Thank you Honeysuckle, but unfortunately the garden is hidden by a high hedge and fences. Although one neighbour wanted to see what I had done and was impressed. He is a lovely old boy and always been a gardener , so was very touched by his comment.

Thank you Dotty. I have enjoyed creating it, even though it was hard work.
I am sorry I didn't get back to you about the decking, but still haven't decided what to do with them. There is not enough room for raised beds now !

Thank you Seaburn girl for your lovely comments. I do appreciate it.

25 Sep, 2019


Your garden is very colourful and it has been nice to have a wander around :)

25 Sep, 2019


Sorry Rose, I didn't know there was a message from you, I will go and find it!

26 Sep, 2019


Thanks Hywel, I am pleased you like it!

26 Sep, 2019


Your garden is beautiful. You have really got green fingers.
It's lovely to hear from you again. X

27 Sep, 2019


Thank you Marjorie. Now the weather is changing , will hopefully be on here a lot more!

27 Sep, 2019


It looks amazing rose, have you moved house? Do you really garden each day until 4pm? Are you the designer? So many questions only 'cos I'm interested:-)

29 Sep, 2019


Hello Born Again, we moved house in November.I used to garden every day all day in the beginning. I started landscaping after Christmas and worked out there every dry day I had. There is a blog that I did when I started showing the before and after. Its Jan. 31st. The garden is heavy clay and roots everywhere from the hedge and trees, so had to use lots of compost.
I don't do a plan, I just study it for days and when I put the arches in, it started to come together.
I think Chris ( Wild Rose) was having a bit of fun when she mentioned 4pm every day !

30 Sep, 2019


I'll have a look at your blog:)

7 Oct, 2019


Rose ... your garden is stunning... You've worked so hard to make it look very established. Well done !

1 Nov, 2019


Thank you Terra. I enjoyed doing it even if it was hard work with roots and the clay soil.

2 Nov, 2019


Rose : the hardest work is done now... and you have the fantastic results to prove it !

2 Nov, 2019


Thanks once again Terra ! We were lucky enough to have a good summer to enjoy it !

2 Nov, 2019

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